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Would it be possible to separate the label and the default text? Something like this:

$[![label#default value]!]

I need this function because I am creating a config file, where the user can decide which line to leave and which one to comment out. My first approach for this was:

$[![//]!] command1 = someValue,
$[![//]!] command2 = someOtherValue,

but this way all // are affected at once. I you would separate the label and the default value this would be easier. to do, like:

$[![var1#//]!] command1 = someValue,
$[![var2#//]!] command2 = someOtherValue,


Using comment and uncomment to make a config file snippet is very good idea!

There are always requests on separation of label and default text. For now, I do not plan to separate them. If you do not want a particular hotspot to be "mirrored" You can use the following trick.

$[![(opt)//]!] command1 = someValue,
$[![(opt)//]!] command2 = someOtherValue,
$[![(opt)//]!] command3 = yetsomeOtherValue,

What it does is it create a Option Hotspot with only one option, and using the fact that option hotspots do not "mirror" each others. It's pretty much a hack because originally option hotspot is not used for that. Also the limitation is that you cannot use the char | in these hotspots.

But I would say (at least for now) this is how to make the behaviour you requested in Fingertext scripts.

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