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Snippet Editor hangs and eventually crashes Npp++, when creating a new snippet #31

fb16 opened this Issue Jul 9, 2012 · 5 comments

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fb16 commented Jul 9, 2012


Thank you for your wonderful plugin, I find it very useful and easy to use.

I'm using version 5.60 alpha of FingerText with Npp++ 6.1.2, and the OS is Win7 x64 Professional.

My problem is relatively new to me, since I've been able to use it flawlessly so far. Long story short, I can't create a new snippet anymore. When I try to create a new snippet Npp++ hangs and eventually crashes.

I've tried running Npp++ with Administrator priviledges also, but without success.

If you need further details or tests, please, let me know. At the moment I couldn't say what could cause the issue.

Thank you again for your time.


fb16 commented Jul 9, 2012

Forgot to say before that I've tried also uninstalling and reinstalling FingerText. Unfortunately it didn't work though.

fb16 commented Jul 9, 2012

Thank you erinata for your reply.

I've been able to successfully export all the snippets to a .ftd file. The file is usable, so it seems to be not corrupted, at first sight.

Let me add one interesting thing happened before I read your comment.

Well, I noticed that the problem appears also when opening a very long snippet (mine was/is about 2700 lines long).

It take to the Finger Text Snippet editor a very long time to open it. In the meantime Npp++ hangs and the mouse cursor keeps spinning for several minutes. Eventually sometimes the snippet opens but the most times Npp++ miserably crashes.

However, if FT Snippet editor succeeds at opening the snippet, I can edit it and save it, but if the editing consists in re-pasting the lines, substituting them, then when I'm going to save the edited snippet again Npp++ hangs and the mouse cursor keeps spinning. Eventually sometimes the snippet is saved (it takes about 20 minutes), but the most times Npp++ crashes.

Still digging into it...


erinata commented Jul 11, 2012

It seems to me it's a ending conversion problem.

After you have export the snippets, what you can try is to delete the snippet database and reimport everything. This could help in many circumstances (Notice that uninstalling fingertext will NOT clear the database)

fb16 commented Jul 20, 2012

Hi Erinata,

Thank you for your reply and sorry for the delay in answering, but I've been away for some days.

I've exported and then deleted the snippet database and then again reimported, but, unfortunately, this doesn't seem to solve the issue.

Is there anyone else having the same issue I'm experiencing?

Thank you again for your collaboration

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