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SublimeBullet (version 0.3.1)

This is a Sublime Text plugin for markdown style Bullet points and Number lists. It automatically add * , +and - for unordered lists, > for blockquotes, and numbered items for number lists.


Install using Package Control (Recommanded)

  1. I guess most Sublime Text 2 users are using Sublime Package Control. If not, please install it from here
  2. Go to Preference > Package Control, and Choose "Install Package"
  3. Choose the package named "Bullet" to install it

Install manually

  1. Download the repo
  2. Copy everything in the repo to a folder named "Bullet" under the package folder of SublimeText 2 (create it if it doesn't exist)


In markdown files, * , + and - are automatically added for unordered lists (aka bullet points). Similarly > are automatically added for multiline blockquote.

For ordered lists, the new item will use a number next to the previous item. For example when you hit "enter" after typing "1. Item one", "2. " will be added automatically to the next line.

I may add other bullet point style later. For now it only support markdown style.

Operating Systems

I only tested this on Windows, I hope that it works on OSX and Linux.


Copyright (C) 2012 Tom Lam. MIT License.