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@@ -31,6 +31,22 @@ You can customize the behaviour of MarkdownBuild in that MarkdownBuild.sublime-s
- use_css - set it to false if you do not want to use css in the generated file (default: true)
- charset - the charset in the meta tag of html, (default: "UTF-8")
+## Building documents other than Markdown
+This project only target at building Markdown. But it can be modified to support other formats.
+For textile support please see Xkeeper's SublimeTextileBuild <>
+## Contribution
+Please fork this project if you want it to support other document formats. In most case the only part of code that you need to change is the line
+ md = markdown_python.markdown(contents)
+in the file ``. Just change it to the parser you likem, this plugin will build the html and show it in the browser accordingly.
+Of course you can rename the files, commands, or css ...... etc. Xkeeper's SublimeTextileBuild <> is a good example.
## Operating Systems
This package works on Windows, OSX, and Linux

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