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A Sublime Text 2 Package for Running Rspec Files
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RspecBuild (version 0.1.0)

This is a Sublime Text plugin for Running Rspec File.


Install using Package Control (Recommended)

  1. I guess most Sublime Text 2 users are using Sublime Package Control. If not, please install it from here
  2. Go to Preference > Package Control, and Choose "Install Package"
  3. Choose the package named "RspecBuild" to install it

Install manually

  1. Download the repo
  2. Copy everything in the repo to a folder named "RspecBuild" under the package folder of SublimeText 2 (create it if it doesn't exist)


Just open any Rspec file and press ctrl+b (or cmd+b for mac) to build it.

The window focus will be at the output panel so that you can use arrow keys to scroll up and down to view the spec output.

Operating Systems

I only test this package on windows. I hope that it also works in linux and OSX.


Copyright (C) 2012 Tom Lam. MIT License.

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