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Idea: An app with iBeacon integration that replaces the plaque along side an art piece and provides additional context for visitors

  • User enters a space, walks within the proximity of an Estimote Beacon and is presented with unique information based on the specific piece of art near the proximity of the beacon

  • The purpose of this app is to provided an informative, smartphone gallery experience using low energy bluetooth iBeacons.

About iBeacon

  • iBeacon is a technology based on low energy Bluetooth
  • LEB transmits data over smaller areas
  • LEB consumes far less power than traditional Bluetooth technologies

About Estimote

  • iBeacon hardware, tiny computer powered by coin battery
  • Smart devices in range receive signals and can respond


  • An app that presents a launch screen, Home ViewController with map and dynamic ViewControllers that change based on unique iBeacon proximity


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Group Members

Hannah Gaskins 🏓

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Jeremy Moore ⚔

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Erin Roby 🎈

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David Swaintek 🎹

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