Text 708-887-2966 for your own Mansplanation! Won Best Use of NYC API's at HackNY Spring 2017 Hackathon.
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Project Overview

This project allow the user to comu..!

alt tag

Just text hi to (708) 887-2966 and our men will explain the rest! or vist our website: mansplainer

Running & Testing

In order to run and test this program properly, users must have a command-line interface, Flask, Twilio, Clarifai installed. Once in the proper directory of the program where all the files reside, user can test this program by running: $ python mansplainer.py

Built With

Programming Languages

  • Python

Frameworks and APIs

  • Flask
  • Twilio
  • Clarifai
  • Wikipedia
  • Bootstrap


  • Erin Williams
  • Henry Shen
  • Khalid Alnuaim
  • Dandan Lin

Thanks 🙌

Thank you HackNY for this amazing spring 2017 hackathon.

One more thing

Our men won  Best Hack Using a NYC API 😎