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i wanted to make a new texture pack. my friend is helping.

we play on a server that runs minecraft 1.10, so that's the version FAITHLESS supports.



listen here sweaty, i'm not your mom. i can't do everything for you. but there's a perfectly good guide to installing resource packs on the official minecraft wiki if you need help.

you can download FAITHLESS here.

pay attention to version numbers! FAITHLESS currenly supports minecraft 1.10 and might not work properly with newer (or older) versions.


that's right, build. FAITHLESS uses a build script to streamline my workflow to avoid manually exporting sprite sheets from aseprite every time i edit them.

as such, to build FAITHLESS yourself, you need to have few things installed on your system.

if any of this sounds confusing or scary, you probably don't need to build FAITHLESS yourself. just download a prebuilt pack here.

  • first & most important is aseprite. note that aseprite is not free, but it's well worth the 14 bucks if you're interested in pixel art. if you're looking to fork FAITHLESS, you may want to have this anyway.

  • second is a recentish version of python 3 with these packages:

    • classtools
    • click
    • progressbar2

if aseprite is in your PATH, good, you can just run this command to build a usable texture pack into build/:


the build directory is suitable for symlinking into your resource packs folder for quick testing, but be aware that any changes you make to files in the assets folder will need to be followed by another run of this command.

if you have fswatch installed, you can run this cute one liner to make builds happen automatically as needed:

fswatch -ro assets | xargs -n1 -I{} python

finally, to package everything up in a nice zip archive for delivery to your nearest internet, run this:

python package

if you see an error like FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'aseprite' but you know you have aseprite installed, you can set the ASEPRITE environment variable to point to aseprite's executable, substituting the actual path on your system as appropriate:

export ASEPRITE=$HOME/Applications/

for other errors, make sure you have all the requirements installed! i won't help you troubleshoot build errors because this setup is custom built primarily for my own convenience. if you're still having trouble, just download a release.


0.2 – 2017-09-07

the main attraction here is the new bright & colorful wool & stained clay textures by Q-LUM. the colors are based on the world of color update's improved color palette.

the second big thing (in my imo) is the new bedrock textures. 16 glitch textures, randomly generated each new release from existing textures. cool, right?

also new in this release: a lot of miscellaneous shit including oak & steel doors, red sand, chiseled sandstone, beds.... just check out the commit log for more info.

0.1 – 2017-08-25

first release. very unfinished.

many of the blocks here were based on the original 32×32 textures from my previous attempt at a texture pack. water, lava and nether portal textures are lifted straight from that pack totally unaltered except for some palette tweaks.



that's me! any textures otherwise uncredited are probably my doing.


  • ingots, ores & metal blocks
  • soul sand squirm
  • general color advice

they're also working on a sci-fi webcomic called electrum that you should definitely read.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.

what this means is that you are free to

  • share with your friends, acquaintances & worst enemies.
  • use it on a server you run.
  • include it in a modpack.
  • create your own texture pack based on it.

you absolutely have to

  • credit us, the original creators.
  • clearly mark any derivatives as such.
  • distribute your derivatives under the same BY-NC-SA license.

you are not allowed to

  • use it or any derivatives you create for commercial purposes of any sort.
  • misrepresent yourself as the original creator.
  • imply that we somehow endorse you or your shit.
  • hold us responsible for any damages incurred while using this pack.