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🚥 Lightweight logging for Node.js and the browser


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another-logger npm npm@next

A lightweight logging utility for Node.js and the browser.

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npm install --omit dev another-logger

Use --omit dev to avoid installing this project's development dependencies.

If installing for use in browser environments only, you can also add the --omit optional flag, which will skip installing ansi-colors (used to enable color support for Node environments).


import {defaultLogger as log} from 'another-logger';'Hi there!');

See for a full walkthrough of the library, including logger customization and custom transports. Also see the examples folder for complete configuration examples.

TODO: include docs link here as well

Browser environments and build tools

This library is built for both CommonJS and ES6 module consumers, and for both Node.js and the browser. The module uses the main, module, and browser fields in its package.json to provide different entry points for these environments. The Node.js runtime and most build tools will use the most appropriate entry point automatically, but you may need to configure certain tools to pick up the correct version (for example, with Rollup, via the browser option to @rollup/plugin-node-resolve).

If your setup doesn't support the browser/module fields (for example, Typescript), you can manually specify your entry point as another-logger/dist/index.{browser,node}.{mjs,cjs}. For example:

import {...} from 'another-logger/dist/index.browser.mjs';


MIT © eritbh