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System config
Shell Ruby VimL
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.scripts Add 'git open'
.ackrc ack config
.aliases Add Chrome Canary alias
.aprc AwesomePrint config
.functions Remove functions duplicated by oh-my-zsh plugins
.gemrc Stealing a bunch of awesome git/ruby stuff from @bkuhlmann
.gitconfig Changed to push-simple
.gitignore Initial dotfiles
.inputrc Initial dotfiles
.irbrc Stealing a bunch of awesome git/ruby stuff from @bkuhlmann
.npmrc Configure NPM author defaults
.osx Update .osx for yosemite.
.paths Update PEBBLE_HOME to always be latest version
.powconfig Pow and rails awesomeness
.profile Adding gvm
.pryrc hirb, wirb formatting and aliases
.screenrc Stealing more good ideas from @demian0311
.vars Faster JRuby startup with JRUBY_OPTS. Increase memory for Gradle and …
.zshrc Remove less useful oh my zsh plugins Initial dotfiles
Solarized Dark.itermcolors
Solarized Light.itermcolors Add Solarized theme for iTerm
dottor_rules.yml Adding dottor


Eric Wendelin's shell config, for system bootstrapping and knowledge transfer to and from others.


This uses oh-my-zsh with a bunch of plugins. Recommend you grab that first.

Inspired By:

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