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System config
Shell Ruby VimL
Latest commit 5dfaf1a @ssenbud ssenbud Add git commit template.
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.scripts Add 'git open'
.ackrc ack config
.aliases Add Chrome Canary alias
.aprc AwesomePrint config
.bashrc Initial dotfiles
.functions Remove functions duplicated by oh-my-zsh plugins
.gemrc Stealing a bunch of awesome git/ruby stuff from @bkuhlmann
.git.commit.template Add git commit template.
.gitconfig Add git commit template.
.gitignore Initial dotfiles
.inputrc Initial dotfiles
.irbrc Stealing a bunch of awesome git/ruby stuff from @bkuhlmann
.npmignore Make npm universally ignore certain files
.npmrc Configure NPM author defaults
.osx Update .osx for yosemite.
.paths Update PEBBLE_HOME to always be latest version
.powconfig Pow and rails awesomeness
.profile Adding gvm
.pryrc hirb, wirb formatting and aliases
.screenrc Stealing more good ideas from @demian0311
.vars Faster JRuby startup with JRUBY_OPTS. Increase memory for Gradle and …
.vimrc Initial dotfiles
.zprofile Git autocompletion
.zshrc Remove less useful oh my zsh plugins Initial dotfiles
Solarized Dark.itermcolors Add Solarized theme for iTerm
Solarized Light.itermcolors Add Solarized theme for iTerm
dottor_rules.yml Adding dottor


Eric Wendelin's shell config, for system bootstrapping and knowledge transfer to and from others.


This uses oh-my-zsh with a bunch of plugins. Recommend you grab that first.

Inspired By:

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