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Gradle plugin for working with CSS
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Quick Start

Managing your CSS in a Gradle build is super easy now! Just add this to your build.gradle file:

// Grab the plugin from a Maven Repo automatically
buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'com.eriwen:gradle-css-plugin:1.1'

// Invoke the plugin
apply plugin: 'css'

// Declare your sources
css.source {
    dev {
        css {
            srcDir "app/styles"
            include "*.css"
            exclude "*.min.css"

// Specify a collection of files to be combined, then minified and finally GZip compressed.
combineCss {
    source =
    dest = "${buildDir}/all.css"

minifyCss {
    source = combineCss
    dest = "${buildDir}/all-min.css"
    yuicompressor { // Optional
        lineBreakPos = -1

gzipCss {
    source = minifyCss
    dest = "${buildDir}/all.2.0.4.css"

Supports CSS Lint v0.9.8

csslint {
    source =
    dest = "${buildDir}/csslint.out"
    options { // Optional
        format = 'lint-xml'
        warnings = ['box-model', 'empty-rules', 'duplicate-properties']
        errors = []

Available Tasks and Options


  • source = Collection of file paths of files to merge
  • dest = File/String Path for combined output

minifyCss (Uses the YUI Compressor)

  • source = File to minify
  • dest = File for minified output
  • (Optional) yuicompressor.lineBreakPos = -1 (default) Insert a line break after the specified column number


  • source = File to compress
  • dest = File/String path for compressed output


  • source = Collection of file paths of files to analyze
  • dest = File for output
  • (Optional) options.format = 'compact' (default), 'text', 'lint-xml', or 'checkstyle-xml'
  • (Optional) options.warnings = (default is all) Collection of string ids for checks. Try csslint --list-rules to see all possible IDs
  • (Optional) options.errors = (default is none) Collection of string ids for checks. CAUTION: These cause a non-zero exit code and fail the build!

What, you want more? Let me know!

See Also

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