Grails JavaScript testing example with PhantomJS.
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Grails JavaScript Setup Example

This is an empty Grails project with an example of how to hook into Grails events to support JavaScript testing using PhantomJS and Jasmine.

I used Grails version 1.3.7, PhantomJS version 1.2.0 and Jasmine 1.0.2.

A few of these are slightly behind the latest versions, so a good starting point would be to update to the latest and greatest and verify the setup still works (I don't believe this would be an issue).

How it Works

First, try it out: grails test-app -other

This command will kick off the _RunJavaScriptTests script in the /scripts directory. This script dispatches to PhantomJS on the command line which not only executes a test wrapped in an HTML document but also exports the result of the test in JUnit XML format in target/test-reports/plain.

There are a few goofy limitations right now, and they are things I'd like to improve soon:

  • The test report is only generated in XML which makes it nice for tooling (like Jenkins) but not very useful for nicely viewing in a browser like the other Grails test reports.
  • I'm not currently hooking into the global test status on a failure so the output of a JavaScript failing test will show both a FAILURE (for the Jasmine tests that fail) and a SUCCESS (for the overall Grails testing phase). However, when setup in Jenkins, the build will successfully fail since Jenkins uses the JUnit XML to determine the status of the build rather than relying on Grails console output.