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Converts lcov output to Cobertura-compatible XML for CI
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lcov to cobertura XML converter Build Status

This project does as the name implies: it coverts code coverage report files in lcov format to Cobertura's XML report format so that CI servers like Jenkins can aggregate results and determine build stability etc.

Coverage metrics supported:

  • Package/folder overall line and branch coverage
  • Class/file overall line and branch coverage
  • Functions hit
  • Line and Branch hits

Quick command-line usage

Grab it raw and run it with python:

python lcov-file.dat
  • -b/--base-dir - (Optional) Directory where source files are located. Defaults to the current directory
  • -e/--excludes - (Optional) Comma-separated list of regexes of packages to exclude
  • -o/--output - (Optional) Path to store cobertura xml file. Defaults to ./coverage.xml
  • -d/--demangle - (Optional) Demangle C++ function names. Requires c++filt
python lcov-file.dat --base-dir src/dir --excludes test.lib --output build/coverage.xml --demangle

Usage as a Python module

You can install lcov_cobertura with pip:

pip install lcov_cobertura

Then just use it anywhere in your python:

from lcov_cobertura import LcovCobertura

LCOV_INPUT = 'SF:foo/file.ext\nDA:1,1\nDA:2,0\nend_of_record\n'
converter = LcovCobertura(LCOV_INPUT)
cobertura_xml = converter.convert()

Environment Support

Python 2.6+ is supported (including Python 3). You can also use the experimental Jython 2.5 friendly version in the jython branch.


This project is made possible due to the efforts of these fine people:


This project is provided under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

I provide this software free of charge. If you find it helpful, please endorse me for Python on coderwall: endorse

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