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Remove the pony after installation because it is a fairly ugly line a…

…nd breaks in chroots that don't have a proper terminal attached. This could be fixed but frankly let's just keep it this way.
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1 parent ccee09b commit 2fbf0a37ba82a7b53f55a32c8736b798d8b3bfe5 @svenstaro svenstaro committed Aug 23, 2012
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@@ -307,9 +307,6 @@ function makeMakefile()
'| |___/ |___/ |\\n'\\
- echo -en '\t' ; echo '@echo dummy | ./ponysay.install -f ./`if [[ "$$TERM" = "linux" ]]; then echo ttyponies; else echo ponies; fi`/pinkiecannon.pony | tail --lines=30 ; echo -e \\n'
- echo
echo 'uninstall:'
echo -en '\t' ; echo 'if [ -d "$/var/cache/ponysay" ]; then rm -rf "$/var/cache/ponysay"; fi'
for old in $installedDirs; do

3 comments on commit 2fbf0a3


maandree replied Aug 23, 2012

Also it modifies your TTY palette if you have a custom one and do not let ponysay know about it.

Now with the lastest version of ponysay it can done with just ponysay -f pinkiecannon <<EOF .....
Should we do that and add a check that $$TERM is either xterm or xterm-256color, and maybe
change the text to »Welcome to the herd!»?

I have no clue why a used downloaded files when at the end of the installtion when everything is installed.
Of cause $$PATH needs the bin directory in case it is not there.


svenstaro replied Aug 23, 2012

Why $$TERM actually? What does the extra $ do? And also checking for xterm and xterm-256color might be sensible but screen and screen-256color are at least also terminals to check for. I don't know how many other there are that have their own identifier. rxvt-unicode is rxvt-unicode-256color, for instance. I don't know what the best way to catch them all would be.


maandree replied Aug 23, 2012

The extra $ make it expand in bash instead of in make. (every line in make is a bash command).

There are many terminals that does not support ponysay, so I think it is best just to check for,
xterm (and maybe urxvt). It is not just colouring that is an use, incompatibility with block elements
are more common. We can also check that stdout is a terminal.

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