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“infinite state”-bug report #103

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Mattias Andrée [mˈa.tːiː.ˌas ˈanː.drˌeː]  Pablo Lezaeta Reyes [pˈaβ̞lo lˌe̞θaˈeta rˈejɛ]
Mattias Andrée [mˈa.tːiː.ˌas ˈanː.drˌeː]

I've been sent this bug report (which I have translated to English)

If you give the program invalid argument it will enter an infinite state
(waiting for IO)
Example run:

$ ponysay --hel
ponysay: warning: unrecognised option --hel
^CTraceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/games/ponysay", line 1787, in <module>
  File "/usr/games/ponysay", line 75, in __init__
    else:                            self.print_pony(args)
  File "/usr/games/ponysay", line 566, in print_pony
    msg = ''.join(sys.stdin.readlines()).rstrip()

Invalid arguments should:
Print and error message (could not understand "-hel" please type "--help" for
And then invoke exit(-1) (or arbitrary fail number).

 Pablo Lezaeta Reyes [pˈaβ̞lo lˌe̞θaˈeta rˈejɛ]

Hey this is the old bug that I repport about the -fq is the same output
Aparently convinations suffer from the same bug

Any tipe of unrecogniced option, either miswrited or misordered or any cause the bug

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