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It seems ponysay doesn't support cowsay's -n option? Giving multiple line messages? Is it possible to support this or is there erhaps some workaround?

oh, btw, I'm using ponysay v1.4.1 from the arch repository, if this is something already fixed in a newer version, sorry, just say, I'll try and update :)


Did not know of that option, it is not possible with ponysay 1.4.1.
However it is default in ponysay 2.1, I suggest getting the lastest in
this github repo, it is so much better.

But ponysay 2.1 does not support the effect you get in cowsay,
if you do not use -n, but I'll probably add it for 2.3.


Erm, I'm not entirely sure how to install the newest version? 1.4.1 is the newest in the arch linux repository (is there someway to update that perhaps?)

I tried before and it failed, I tried this package in the AUR:
but makepkg failed:

Sorry, I've not used github before :/


Actually I think you can edit the PKGBUILD in
By adding ./configure to build() directly above make DESTDIR="$pkgdir/" you should get a Makefile
which would otherwise be mssing causing it to fail.
Please post whether that solution works or not in the comment field [in AUR] so however is maintaining
that package can update it.


If that does not work this should, but pacman will not have control of the files:

git clone 'git://' ponysay
cd ponysay
./configure && make && sudo make install

Yup, the first suggestion works, thanks muchly, I've posted it in the AUR also, with a link back here :)


Did not think of it but it is best to use ./configure --everything --without-pdf as it will install
all manpage translation (just one [apart from English]) and not just the English one and it will
not install the PDF build of the info manual.

By default ./configure skips the PDF and the manpage translations [apart from English].

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