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Really, the build system is still a mess. I can't even update ponysay in the official repos in its current state.

  • Remove configure/Makefile.
  • Make a standard See here for a nice one and here and here for how to write it. distutils is not only for Python modules but also for data and scripts! It just happens to work especially well for modules as it has a lot of automagic in that regard but we don't need to use that. The current build system is way more complicated than it possibly needs to be. We certainly don't need to go full Debian here. Never go full Debian.
  • Fix the README to reflect the new changes.

»Full Debian» what is that?

Why wouldn't you be able to build ponysay and update it the arch's repo,
building ponysay in a chroot enviromnent works? It just that the script is
a little more complicated than needed.


It's not a lot of fun because the parameters change each time. What are the correct parameters to build it in a chroot for /usr prefix right now? If you tell me, I can update the package.

And "going full Debian" is a corruption of "going full retard", essentially this means overdoing it. I was implying that the build system is over complicated and over engineered.


Either of the following will do:

./ install

./setup-py PREFIX=/usr install

./ --prefix=/usr install

I recommend adding --everything --without-pdf-compress after ./

maandree commented Nov 4, 2012

When this is done split the file into one file class, and one for the main method

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