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dispatch_dump: A tool to process Glk constants and functions into various
  machine-readable and source-code forms.
Source repository: https://github.com/erkyrath/glk-dev/tree/HEAD/dispatch_dump
Written by Andrew Plotkin. This tool is in the public domain.

A Glk program written in C needs only the glk.h header file to compile.
However, any other use -- such as a Glulx interpreter -- needs metadata
about the Glk API. (In fact, a Glulx game needs this information at
two levels. The game itself needs an an Inform-6 API; and the interpreter
needs API information to dispatch the Glk calls.)

The definitive source of this metadata is the gi_dispa.c source file
(included with all Glk libraries). However, parsing this information
out of C source code is a headache. Thus, dispatch_dump -- a small C
program which dumps the information out as text or XML.

To run this program, you will need to build it, and link in a Glk
library. (CheapGlk is easiest.) Running it (with CheapGlk, including
the -q option to suppress CheapGlk's version banner) looks like this:

  ./dispatch_dump -q > dispatch_dump.txt
  ./dispatch_dump -q --xml > dispatch_dump.xml

However, you don't have to do this, because this directory already
contains up-to-date dispatch_dump.txt and dispatch_dump.xml files.

The parse_dispatch.py script takes the XML output and generates two
further formats:

  ./parse_dispatch.py --dispajs dispatch_dump.xml > proto_map.js
  ./parse_dispatch.py --infglk  dispatch_dump.xml > infglk.h

The proto_map.js file is a segment of gi_dispa.js (in the Quixe
distribution). The infglk.h file is an Inform 6 header, and also
appears in the Inform 7 distribution.

Again, these two files are included in this directory, so you don't
have to generate them.