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IosFizmo -- an IosGlk port of the Fizmo Z-machine interpreter.
Designed by Andrew Plotkin <>
Home site: <>

This project is a combination of two subprojects: Fizmo (a portable
Z-machine interpreter) and IosGlk (an iOS display library for interactive
fiction). Please see the README information in the "fizmo" and "iosglk"

In addition, this project contains:

- IosFizmo.xcodeproj: The Xcode project file.
- IosFizmo-Info.plist: Some important app configuration information.
- IosFizmo-Prefix.pch: Header file containing iOS includes.
- fizmo-config.h: Header file containing Fizmo configuration defines.
- main.m: Top-level function for the app.

- fizmo (subdirectory): Source code for the Fizmo interpreter (Christoph
  Ender). This is the portable Z-code interpreter engine.
- iosglk (subdirectory): Source code for the iOS Glk display library. This
  is the general iOS display library. (This directory contains its own Xcode
  project file, but you should ignore that.)
- TerpSrc (subdirectory): Source code specifically for iOS Fizmo. This
  glues together fizmo and iosglk, and also handles the four app tabs.
- Resources (subdirectory): All of the interface layout files. These define
  the appearance of the screens and menus in the app. (For more resources,
  see iosglk/Resources.)
- Media (subdirectory): Interface graphics for the interpreter. Buttons and
  icons. (See also iosglk/Media.)
- WebSite (subdirectory): HTML files for the in-app "help" and "license
  information" screens.
- FizmoLocales (subdirectory): Localized text for Fizmo error messages.
  (These are extracted from the fizmo directory, but you don't have to
  worry about that.)

- Icon.png, Icon-*.png: The iOS icons. There are a whole bunch of these,
  in different sizes.
- iTunesArtwork: The cover art image. This is a PNG file, even though it
  lacks the .png suffix.
- Default.png, Default-*.png: The iOS launch images. These appear as the
  app is starting up. (Default.png is for iPhone; the other two are for
- Game.z5: The game file. This is Colossal Cave.

- README: This file.
- doc-app-building.txt: A guide to building and releasing an IosFizmo
  game app. (Read online: <> )


iOS implementation of the Fizmo Z-machine interpreter






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