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IosGlk -- an iOS implementation of the Glk API.

IosGlk library: version 0.3.0.
Glk API which this implements: version 0.7.3.
Designed by Andrew Plotkin <>
Home site: <>

This is source code for an implementation of the Glk library for iOS.
It is intended to be a basis for iOS IF applications.

For working examples, see my IosFizmo and IosGlulxe projects:

* Deprecation Alert

This library is out of date and I no longer support it.

I was able to deal with deprecation warnings and OS changes through
iOS 12 (in 2018). However, the code is *extremely* old -- I originally
wrote it for iOS 3! The accumulated patches and hacks have reached
critical mass and it is no longer worth updating the library.

For more details, see my blog post (Jan 2020) announcing
the end of support:

Old IosGlk apps (compiled for iOS 12) still work as of this writing
(running under iOS 14). However, I have received reports that VoiceOver
is janky. Jank is likely to increase over time.

* Permissions

The IosGlk library is copyright 2011-16 by Andrew Plotkin. The
GiDispa and GiBlorb libraries, as well as the glk.h header file, are
copyright 1998-2016 by Andrew Plotkin. They are distributed under the
MIT license; see the "LICENSE" file.


iPhone/iPad implementation of the Glk API







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