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iPhone/iPad implementation of the Glk API

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IosGlk -- an iOS implementation of the Glk API.

IosGlk library: version 0.1.0.
Glk API which this implements: version 0.7.3.
Designed by Andrew Plotkin <>
Home site: <>

This is source code for an implementation of the Glk library for iOS.
It is intended to be a basis for iOS IF applications.

For a working example, see my IosFizmo project:

This library is at beta-test levels. It works as far as I know, but may
contain bugs. Documentation remains sparse.

* Permissions

The source code in this package is copyright 2011-2012 by Andrew Plotkin. You
may copy and distribute it freely, by any means and under any conditions,
as long as the code and documentation is not changed. You may also
incorporate this code into your own program and distribute that, or modify
this code and use and distribute the modified version, as long as you retain
a notice in your program or documentation which mentions my name and the
URL shown above.

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