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This page contains a description of the structure and contents of the information managed by the Social Music Discovery Application

Note that the UML model is handled through community edition of Visual Paradigm for UML

Visual Paradigm has sponsored us with a 6-month license to the Professional version of Visual Paradigm which contains a bit more features needed for advanced modeling. All team members are allowed to install this license but each team member can only run it on one machine at the time. The license is only allowed to be used for the work within this project, so it's not a general purpose license which you can use in other projects.

Anyone that wants a license, contact Erland or reply to the following thread in the mailing list:

If you only want to view models and don't plan to modify them, you can use the Community Edition.

Visual Paradigm instructions

Here are some short instructions where you find things in Visual Paradigm.

  • A good start is to select the "Diagram Navigation" tab at the upper left corner on Visual Paradigm.
  • Under "UML Diagrams/Class Diagram" in the "Diagram Navigation" tab, you will find the domain model diagrams, as you can see later on this page there are three of them (Core, Subjective, Classification)
  • Under "UML Diagrams/Object Diagram" in the "Diagram Navigation" tab, you will find the sample releases which have modeled based on the domain model.
  • After you have done some change, commit the updated vpp file and generate a png image using "File/Export/Active Diagram as Image" and commit that too.


  • Currently there is no locking in the svn repository of the model file (due to Google Code limitations), so if two users are editing the model file simultaneously only one will be able to commit it.
  • It's important that you do an update from svn before you start to ensure that you have the latest version.
  • Due to this, it's suitable that you post to the mailing list if you plan to do some addition that takes a long time, this way other people can avoid changing the model files during this time.
  • There is no merging of binary files in svn, so if this happens and you aren't able to commit, you need to either:
    • Redo your changes in the latest version
    • If you have added a release sample, you can save your version with a new file name and then:
      1. Make sure to update from svn so the DomainModel.vpp is the latest version
      2. In your personal model file, select all objects in a diagram and select "Edit/Copy/Default Copy (With VP UML CE)
      3. In the DomainModel.vpp file, select to create a new diagram and then select Edit/Paste View.

The main domain model in Visual Paradigm can be found here:

The main model file is the one called DomainModel.vpp

If you just want to experiment, you can create your own model file in parallel with the DomainModel.vpp file. Just prefix it with your name and make sure you create it by copying the latest DomainModel.vpp file, for example use a file name like RobinDomainModel.vpp.

Domain Model

Sample albums represented with the domain model structures can be found the page: DomainModelSamples

Core model

Subjective model

Classification model

Pages or sites containing work about music concepts/modeling


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