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Definitions and abbreviations

  • acoustic fingerprint - acoustic fingerprint is an identifier generated from an audio signal, that can be used to fuzzily identify a song.
  • catalog - a catalog of a user's digital music Collection, excluding the actual files.
  • IP3K - Firmware in Squeezebox Classic, Boom, Transporter and older devices.
  • library - a user's digital music Collection including a Catalog and the actual files (compare to a regular library of books).
  • (online) metadata source - an online repository of metadata such as "artist", "year" or "genre". Examples: freedb, MusicBrainz or Discogs.
  • (music) collection - digital music files residing on local disc (local Collection) or an online music source (online Collection) that the user has full, high quality access to.
  • music entity - a song, album, work, recording, artist, composer, conductor, performer or other time of definition that describes an object related to music metadata. See the "Domain defintions" section below.
  • online (music) source - a site that lets the user play specific music (contrast: web radio). Can be free or subscription-based with previews and/or high quality tracks. Examples: Last.FM or Spotify.
  • preview - to listen to music in lower quality (lower bitrate, short snippet, interrupted by commercials, ...)
  • SBS - SqueezeBox Server (with Control Panel and Web UI for user and admin)
  • SMD - Social Music Discovery, the abbreviation of the whole project
  • smdID - See Identifiers for more information
  • SqueezePlay - the desktop version of the Jive / Squeezebox Controller software (

See also the architecture description for a description of the different modules in the project.

Domain definitions

  • Album (also known as Release)
    • A number of tracks recorded and released as a set, traditionally on one or a few CDs or LPs.
  • Artist
    • A common name for a single person (Solo Career) or a group of people (Collaborative Career) that performs on one or several _Recording_s.
  • Band (specific type of_Contributor_, also known as_Collaborative Career)
    • See description for Collaborative Career
  • Box (specific type of Release)
    • A selection of coherent _Release_s, typically 5-10 original_Release_s by a specific Artist packaged in one box, often accompanied by biographical material (examples: Black Sabbath "The Ozzy Osbourne Years", "Mozart Edition: Complete Works" on 170 discs). A Box can also hold Compilations by different Artists (example: "Classical Masterpieces of the Millennium"). A Box is represented as a Release which consists of two or more other Releases.
  • Collaborative Career (also known as Band)
    • A group of people that is known under a group name that contributes together as a group on one or several Recording_s. A group represented as a_Collaborative Career_may consists of both singers and other kind of musicians and is commonly known as_Band_or_Orchestra.
  • Compilation (specific type of_Album_)
    • An_Album_where the_Tracks_are independently recorded_Recordings_by the same or different artists. Typical examples are "Greatest Hits" and "Essential Classics".
  • Composer (specific type of_Contributor_)
    • A_Contributor_who has composed the music on a_Song_or_Work_* Conductor (specific type of_Contributor_)
    • A_Contributor_who leads an_Orchestra_using visible gestures when doing a_Recording_* File (specific type of_Playable Element_)
    • Reference to one or several music files with a specific smdID
  • Label
    • A company that is responsible for the production and distribution of a_Recording_,Single_or_Album.
  • Orchestra (also known as_Collaborative Career_)
    • A group of_Contributors_that contributes to a_Recording_as a group, a_Orchestra_typically only consists of musicians and controlled by a_Conductor_.
  • Part (sometimes called_Movement_)
    • Specific section of a Work. A_Recording_can be defined for a whole_Work_(the_Recording_of an opera), but sometimes, a_Recording_can be defined for each_Part_.
  • Performer
    • A person or band that in some way contributes to a_Work_/Song_or_Recording. This could be a composer, conductor, artist, band, musician, orchestra, ensemble or some other kind of performer.
  • Performance (sometimes called_Recording_)
    • See description for_Recording_* Person
    • A physical person that acts as_Composer_on a work or_Performer_/Conductor_on a_Recording. A_Person_is only represented once and is represented under it's real name. Many persons are known under an alias/artist name when they are performing on a_Recording_, the alias/artist name is handled as a_Solo Career_.
  • Playable Element
    • Representation of a physical file or online stream that represent a specific_Recording_that can be played.
  • Recording (sometimes called_Performance_)
    • Specific recording of a_Work_, could be either a studio recording or a live concert recording. If the_Work_is a symphony by Beethoven the_Recording_would be a recorded performance of that symphony with a specific conductor. A_Remix_of a recording, for example "radio edit" or "clean version", is a separate_Recording_. The_Recording_can always be represented as a single music files, if there multiple_Recording_s are required to represent a complete Work, it's recommended to use a Recording Session to represent the Work and a Recording for each Part of the work.
  • Recording Session
    • A collection of one or several _Recording_s which was recorded at the same time and place.
  • Release
    • A release of a specific_Box_,Album,Single_or_Recording. The UK and US releases of a specific_Album_is represented as two individual_Release_s with a relation to the release that represents the master Release. They might for example have different album covers and/or content (eg. different track order, bonus tracks etc).
  • Remix (specific type of Recording)
    • A new version of an existing Recording, a Recording that is based on an original Recording.
  • Series
    • A collection of related Albums in succession. Their relationship is not fixed, but generally share a common concept or theme, most often by the same Contributor. The perception of a series is somewhat subjective, sometimes the work is conceived as a multiple-album work (contrast: Box or multi-disc Album). Examples: Karl Jenkins "Adiemus", House of Blues "Essential Blues".
  • Single (similar to Album)
    • Essentially a single track recorded and released on its own. Traditionally with another song or alternative mix on the flip-side ("B-side"), today often accompanied by alternative mixes of the same track.
  • Solo Career (specific type of Artist)
    • A person that significantly contributes to one or several _Recording_s or_Work_s, typically as a composer, singer or one of the lead musicians. The difference between a Solo Career and a Person is that a Person might have multiple careers where he/she is known under different aliases.
  • Song (also called Work)
    • A piece of music that may have been recorded several times in different ways by several artists. Original composer(s) is not always known (a song may be "traditional").
  • Stream (specific type of Playable Element)
    • Reference to a URL pointing to a song in a online music source
  • Track
    • A Recording in one specific Release (the same Recording may appear in several Releases)
    • Reference to one or several Playable Element of the type File
    • Reference to one or several Playable Element of the type Stream
  • Work (also called Song)
    • A piece of music that may have been recorded several times in different ways by several artists or conductors, often used in classical music instead of Song
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