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How to use Jython for some SMD Exploration


This page documents how to run SMD from a Jython shell to do some SMD scripting or exploration with Jython.

Method used isn't very elegant, but it works rather easily without bothering too much with SMD Dependency Injection mechanic.


Dreampie (we used version 1.1.1)
Jython (we usd version 2.5.2)

Launching Python Shell

This method works with Jython default interactive shell, but we recommend using an alternative like IPython or Dreampie. As of today, October 2012 Jython 2.5.2 doesn't fits well with latests IPython, these tests were done with Dreampie shell.

Do some environment initialization

Do as you like, but you should have something like:

REM Prepare environment (partially wrapped in jython-smd.bat because of classpath setting in dreampie shell)
set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;X:\mystuff\smd\localserver\trunk\src\smd-server\target\smd-server-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
REM these -D options aren't meaningful for the setup, it's just an example
set JYTHON_OPTS=-Djava.util.logging.config.file=X:\mystuff\cling-upnp-test\src\main\java\mylogging.properties  -Dsqueezeboxserver.host=
set JYTHONHOME=X:\mystuff\dev\python\Jython

Start SMDApplication in a dedicated thread

from threading import Thread
from java.lang import System
from org.socialmusicdiscovery.server.business.logic import SMDApplication

def launch_smd2():
System.setProperty("org.socialmusicdiscovery.server.database", "h2")
System.setProperty("java.util.logging.config.file", "J:\documents\Projects\perso\playground-workspace\cling-upnp-test\src\main\java\mylogging.properties")

t = Thread(target=lambda: launch_smd())

You should now see a lot of SMD logs scrolling.

Initialize the browse service

from org.socialmusicdiscovery.server.business.service.browse import ArtistBrowseService, BrowseServiceManager, ClassificationBrowseService, TrackBrowseService, LibraryBrowseService

from org.socialmusicdiscovery.server.business.logic import InjectHelper

from java.util import Arrays, ArrayList

bsm = InjectHelper.instance(BrowseServiceManager)
abs = bsm.getBrowseService("Artist")

Have fun

>>> ac = abs.findChildren(ArrayList(), ArrayList(), 0, 20, False)
>>> ac
2: org.socialmusicdiscovery.server.business.service.browse.Result@e95431
>>> ac.getCount()
3: 1384
>>> len(items)
5: 20
>>> ac = abs.findChildren(ArrayList(), ArrayList(), 20, 30,False)
>>> len(ac.getItems())
6: 30
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