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The SMD Yggdrasil client is designed to leverage the Eclipse extension architecture. We hope that other developers will extend our base application by developing more or better plug-ins that to improve the end user experience.

In time, this page will include a guide to help extension developers. For the time being, we do NOT recommend anyone to create any extensions to Yggdrasil.


Yggdrasil is still unstable!


The foundation plug-in declares contentType extensions and an editordialogs extension point in addition to the standard Eclipse editors extension point. By means of these, plug-ins can now register editors or editor dialogs for all content.

There is no support (yet) for having alternative editors for some content, but it is possible to add editors for contents that where no editor is registered, or to add a new set of editors, e.g. to replace the "core" plug-in altogether.

Data Source

The foundation plug-in declares a datasource extension point, and the datasource.rest plug-in uses this to register the default WS/JSON server connection. We don't really expect a significant need to register other data sources, this is more about separation of concerns and the ability to register mock data sources for testing.

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