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Open tasks

This page contains lists of open tasks that needs to be investigated, documented, implemented or tested.

If you are missing a task, you can register a new one:

Subscribe on task changes

All task changes will be mailed to the following Google Group, so if you like to get mails whenever a new task is added or when a task changes state or gets a new comment, subscribe the the following Google Group mailing list socialmusicdiscovery-issues

If you like to subscribe to changes on an individual task, just check the "star" icon beside it.

General process

  • Registration of new tasks
    • Any project member that think something should be done can register a new issue
    • If you already from the beginning knows that a specific project member needs to handle the issue you can assign it directly else leave it unassigned
    • If you aren't sure if an issue should be done, set its state to "New" instead of "Accepted"
  • Working on tasks
    • Anyone that wants to work on something can assign an unassigned issue to themselves and start working on it.
    • When the implementation has been committed to svn or the documentation has been registered on the wiki/model or the analysis documented to the mailing list or wiki, change the status of the task to "Fixed".
    • If you don't think any further testing is needed, you can change the status to "Verified" immediately.
  • Abandoning a task
    • If you have started to work on a task but realize that you don't have the time or knowledge to do it, just add any comments of what you have done so far empty the "owner" field to make it clear that anyone else can work on it instead.
  • Testing tasks
    • Anyone can pick tasks among those that needs testing, verify it and change its state to "Verified" when verified that it works or "Reopened" if it doesn't work.

Status usage

  • New: A new issues which we haven't decided to do yet
  • Accepted: Default initial state, indicates that anyone can start working on the issue
  • Fixed: Issues has been implemented and/or documented depending if it affects code or documentation
  • Verified: If you have verified that an issue someone else has implemented works in your environment
  • Reopened: An issue which has been fixed but failed verification

Milestone usage

  • Release-Alpha - Tasks which needs to be finished before we can introduce some alpha testers outside the project team
  • Release1.0 - Tasks which needs to be finished before we can make an initial official release
  • Future - Tasks which doesn't have to be included in the initial release
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