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Title: Index of Erlang Enhancement Proposals (EEPs)
Version: $Revision$
Last-Modified: $Date$
Author: Raimo Niskanen
Status: Active
Type: Process
Created: 31-May-2007
The EEP contains the index of all Erlang Enhancement Proposals,
known as EEPs. EEP numbers are assigned by the EEP Editor, and
once assigned are never changed. The SVN history[1] of the EEP
texts represent their historical record.
Numerical Index
num title owner
--- ----- -----
P 0 Index of Erlang Enhancement Proposals (EEPs) Raimo Niskanen
P 1 EEP Purpose and Guidelines Per Gustafsson, Raimo Niskanen
P 2 Sample Plaintext EEP Template Per Gustafsson
P 3 Sample reStructuredText EEP Template Per Gustafsson
SF/R12B-0 4 New BIFs for bit-level binaries (bit strings) Per Gustafsson
S 5 More Versatile Encapsulation with export_to Per Gustafsson
SF/R12B-0 6 New BIFs for tuple and binary sizes Bjorn Gustavsson
S 7 Foreign Function Interface (FFI) Alceste Scalas
S 8 Types and function specifications Kostis Sagonas
S 9 Library for working with binaries Fredrik Svahn
SA 10 Representing Unicode characters in Erlang Patrik Nyblom
SA/R12B-3u 11 Built in regular expressions in Erlang Patrik Nyblom
S 12 Extensions to comprehensions Richard A. O'Keefe
S 13 -enum declarations Richard A. O'Keefe
S 14 Guard clarification and extension Richard A. O'Keefe
S 15 Portable funs Richard A. O'Keefe
S 16 is_between/3 Richard A. O'Keefe
S 17 Fix andalso and orelse Richard A. O'Keefe
S 18 JSON bifs Richard A. O'Keefe
S 19 Comprehension multigenerators Richard A. O'Keefe
S 20 Split the atoms! Richard A. O'Keefe
S 21 Optional trailing commas for lists and tuples Richard A. O'Keefe
S 22 Range checking for binaries Richard A. O'Keefe
S 23 Allow variables in fun M:F/A Richard A. O'Keefe
SF/R12B-5 24 Functions may be named using F/N in all Richard A. O'Keefe
module attributes
S 25 Unnesting cases Richard A. O'Keefe
SA/R13A 26 Make andalso and orelse tail-recursive Bjorn Gustavsson
S 27 Multi-Parameter Typechecking BIFs James Hague
S 28 Optional leading semicolons for choices Richard A. O'Keefe
S 29 Abstract Patterns, Stage 1 Richard A. O'Keefe
S 30 Maximum and Minimum Richard A. O'Keefe
S 31 Binary manipulation and searching module Patrik Nyblom
S 32 Module-local process names Richard A. O'Keefe
S - Standards Track EEP
P - Process EEP
A - Accepted proposal
R - Rejected proposal
W - Withdrawn proposal
D - Deferred proposal
F - Final proposal
/R12B-0 - Proposal is implemented in OTP release R12B-0
/R12B-3u - Proposal is implemented in OTP release R12B-3,
except for Unicode support according to EEP 10
/R12B-5 - Proposal is implemented in OTP release R12B-5
/R13A - Proposal is to be implemented in OTP release R13A
name email address
---------------- -------------
Raimo Niskanen <raimo (at) erix (dot) ericsson (dot) se>
Per Gustafsson
Bjorn Gustavsson
Alceste Scalas <alceste (at) crs4 (dot) it>
Kostis Sagonas <kostis (at) it (dot) uu (dot) se>
Fredrik Svahn <Fredrik (dot) Svahn (at) gmail>
Patrik Nyblom
Richard A. O'Keefe <ok (at) cs (dot) otago (dot) ac (dot) nz>
James Hague <james (dot) hague (at) gmail (dot) com>
EEPs are discussed on the mailing list eeps (at) erlang (dot) org and
accepted or rejected by the OTP team. See and
[1] View EEP history online
[2] EEP Homepage
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