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Reinsert original single quote of some atoms

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1 parent 08928e4 commit 28617467cd8324742805d78ea36f4ed06c44b48c @RaimoNiskanen RaimoNiskanen committed Feb 8, 2013
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@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ configured cannot exceed the value used.
A non-zero memory limit is checked after each garbage
collection or other memory restructuring; setting the memory
limit to a non-zero value less than the current
-`process_info(self(), memory)` forces an immediate garbage
+`process_info(self(), 'memory')` forces an immediate garbage
If the memory required by a process exceeds its limit, the
@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ any Erlang process. But it is clearly dangerous to let
a process set another process's limits. All we actually
_need_ is for a process to be able to set its own limits
in a startup phase. That could be done by adding
-`{memory,Size}` and `{message_queue_len,Count}` options
+`{'memory',Size}` and `{'message_queue_len',Count}` options
to `spawn_opt/[2,3]`. However,
spawn_opt(Fun, [{memory,128*1024}])

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