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* %CopyrightBegin%
* Copyright Ericsson AB 1997-2009. All Rights Reserved.
* The contents of this file are subject to the Erlang Public License,
* Version 1.1, (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
* compliance with the License. You should have received a copy of the
* Erlang Public License along with this software. If not, it can be
* retrieved online at
* Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS"
* basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See
* the License for the specific language governing rights and limitations
* under the License.
* %CopyrightEnd%
* Defines the interfaces between the generic efile driver and its
* operating-system dependent helpers.
#include "sys.h"
#include "erl_driver.h"
* Open modes for efile_openfile().
#define EFILE_MODE_WRITE 2 /* Implies truncating file when used alone. */
#define EFILE_NO_TRUNCATE 16 /* Special for reopening on VxWorks */
* Seek modes for efile_seek().
#define EFILE_SEEK_SET 0
#define EFILE_SEEK_CUR 1
#define EFILE_SEEK_END 2
* File types returned by efile_fileinfo().
#define FT_DEVICE 1
#define FT_DIRECTORY 2
#define FT_REGULAR 3
#define FT_SYMLINK 4
#define FT_OTHER 5
* Access attributes returned by efile_fileinfo() (the bits can be ORed
* together).
#define FA_NONE 0
#define FA_WRITE 1
#define FA_READ 2
* An handle to an open directory. To be cast to the correct type
* in the system-dependent directory functions.
typedef struct _Efile_Dir_Handle* EFILE_DIR_HANDLE;
* Error information from the last call.
typedef struct _Efile_error {
int posix_errno; /* Posix error number, as in <errno.h>. */
int os_errno; /* Os-dependent error number (not used). */
} Efile_error;
* This structure contains date and time.
typedef struct _Efile_time {
unsigned year; /* (4 digits). */
unsigned month; /* (1..12). */
unsigned day; /* (1..31). */
unsigned hour; /* (0..23). */
unsigned minute; /* (0..59). */
unsigned second; /* (0..59). */
} Efile_time;
* Describes what is returned by file:file_info/1.
typedef struct _Efile_info {
Uint32 size_low; /* Size of file, lower 32 bits.. */
Uint32 size_high; /* Size of file, higher 32 bits. */
Uint32 type; /* Type of file -- one of FT_*. */
Uint32 access; /* Access to file -- one of FA_*. */
Uint32 mode; /* Access permissions -- bit field. */
Uint32 links; /* Number of links to file. */
Uint32 major_device; /* Major device or file system. */
Uint32 minor_device; /* Minor device (for devices). */
Uint32 inode; /* Inode number. */
Uint32 uid; /* User id of owner. */
Uint32 gid; /* Group id of owner. */
Efile_time accessTime; /* Last time the file was accessed. */
Efile_time modifyTime; /* Last time the file was modified. */
Efile_time cTime; /* Creation time (Windows) or last
* inode change (Unix).
} Efile_info;
* Functions.
int efile_mkdir(Efile_error* errInfo, char* name);
int efile_rmdir(Efile_error* errInfo, char* name);
int efile_delete_file(Efile_error* errInfo, char* name);
int efile_rename(Efile_error* errInfo, char* src, char* dst);
int efile_chdir(Efile_error* errInfo, char* name);
int efile_getdcwd(Efile_error* errInfo, int drive,
char* buffer, size_t size);
int efile_readdir(Efile_error* errInfo, char* name,
EFILE_DIR_HANDLE* dir_handle,
char* buffer, size_t size);
int efile_openfile(Efile_error* errInfo, char* name, int flags,
int* pfd, Sint64* pSize);
void efile_closefile(int fd);
int efile_fdatasync(Efile_error* errInfo, int fd);
int efile_fsync(Efile_error* errInfo, int fd);
int efile_fileinfo(Efile_error* errInfo, Efile_info* pInfo,
char *name, int info_for_link);
int efile_write_info(Efile_error* errInfo, Efile_info* pInfo, char *name);
int efile_write(Efile_error* errInfo, int flags, int fd,
char* buf, size_t count);
int efile_writev(Efile_error* errInfo, int flags, int fd,
SysIOVec* iov, int iovcnt, size_t size);
int efile_read(Efile_error* errInfo, int flags, int fd,
char* buf, size_t count, size_t* pBytesRead);
int efile_seek(Efile_error* errInfo, int fd,
Sint64 offset, int origin, Sint64* new_location);
int efile_truncate_file(Efile_error* errInfo, int *fd, int flags);
int efile_pwrite(Efile_error* errInfo, int fd,
char* buf, size_t count, Sint64 offset);
int efile_pread(Efile_error* errInfo, int fd,
Sint64 offset, char* buf, size_t count, size_t* pBytesRead);
int efile_readlink(Efile_error* errInfo, char *name,
char* buffer, size_t size);
int efile_altname(Efile_error* errInfo, char *name,
char* buffer, size_t size);
int efile_link(Efile_error* errInfo, char* old, char* new);
int efile_symlink(Efile_error* errInfo, char* old, char* new);
int efile_may_openfile(Efile_error* errInfo, char *name);
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