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<holder>Ericsson AB. All Rights Reserved.</holder>
The contents of this file are subject to the Erlang Public License,
Version 1.1, (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
compliance with the License. You should have received a copy of the
Erlang Public License along with this software. If not, it can be
retrieved online at
Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS"
basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See
the License for the specific language governing rights and limitations
under the License.
<prepared>H&aring;kan Mattsson</prepared>
<responsible>H&aring;kan Mattsson</responsible>
<approved>H&aring;kan Mattsson</approved>
<p>The <c>Event Tracer (ET)</c> uses the built-in trace mechanism in
Erlang and provides tools for collection and graphical viewing of
trace data.</p>
<p>The viewed trace data is normally collected from Erlang trace
ports or files.</p>
<title>Scope and Purpose</title>
<p>This manual describes the <c>Event Tracer (ET)</c> application,
as a component of the Erlang/Open Telecom Platform development
environment. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the
Erlang Development Environment, which is described in a separate
User's Guide.</p>
<p>The following prerequisites is required for understanding the
material in the <c>Event Tracer (ET)</c> User's Guide:</p>
<list type="bulleted">
<p>familiarity with the Erlang system and Erlang programming
in general and the especially the art of Erlang tracing.</p>
<p>The application requires Erlang/OTP release R13BB or later. If
you use the old <c>GS</c> based GUI it does suffice with R7B.</p>
<title>About This Manual</title>
<p>In addition to this introductory chapter, the <c>Event
Tracers</c> User's Guide contains the following chapters:</p>
<list type="bulleted">
<p>Chapter 2: "Tutorial" provides a walk-through of the
various parts of the application. The tutorial is based on
<c>Jayson Vantuyl's</c> article
<p>Chapter 3: "Description" describes the architecture and typical
usage of the application.</p>
<p>Chapter 4: "Advanced examples" gives some usage examples</p>
<title>Where to Find More Information</title>
<p>Refer to the following documentation for more information about
<c>Event Tracer (ET)</c> and about the Erlang/OTP development system:</p>
<list type="bulleted">
<p>the Reference Manual of the <c>Event Tracer (ET)</c>.</p>
<p>documentation of basic tracing in <c>erlang:trace/4</c> and
<c>erlang:trace_pattern/3</c> and then the utilities derived
from these: <c>dbg</c>, <c>observer</c>, <c>invisio</c> and
<p>Programming Erlang: Software for a Concurrent World by Joe
Armstrong; ISBN: 978-1-93435-600-5</p>
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