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<title>Test suite example</title>
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<title>What happens next?</title>
- <p>
- You will find detailed information about the basics introduced here in this
- chapter in the following chapters in the User's Guide, as well as
- presentations of many more useful features. Have fun!
- </p>
+ <p>Well, you might already be asking yourself questions such as:</p>
+ <list>
+ <item>"How and where can I specify variable data for my tests that mustn't
+ be hard-coded in the test suites (such as host names, addresses,
+ user login data, etc)?" The
+ <seealso marker="config_file_chapter#top">External Configuration Data</seealso>
+ chapter will give you that information.
+ </item>
+ <item>"Is there a way to declare a number of different tests and run them
+ in one session without having to write my own scripts? And can such
+ declarations be used for regression testing?" The
+ <seealso marker="run_test_chapter#test_specifications">Test Specifications</seealso>
+ chapter answers these questions.
+ </item>
+ <item>"Can test cases and/or test runs be automatically repeated?" Learn more about
+ <seealso marker="write_test_chapter#test_case_groups">Test Case Groups</seealso>
+ and also read about start flags/options in the
+ <seealso marker="run_test_chapter#ct_run">Running Tests</seealso> chapter and
+ the Reference Manual.
+ </item>
+ <item>"Will Common Test execute my test cases in sequence or in parallel?" The
+ <seealso marker="write_test_chapter#test_case_groups">Test Case Groups</seealso>
+ section in the Running Tests chapter will give you the answer.
+ </item>
+ <item>"What's the syntax for timetraps (mentioned above), and how do I set them?"
+ This is explained in the
+ <seealso marker="write_test_chapter#timetraps">Timetrap Timeouts</seealso>
+ part of the Writing Test Suites chapter.
+ </item>
+ <item>"What functions are available for logging and printing?" Check the
+ <seealso marker="write_test_chapter#logging">Logging</seealso>
+ section in the Writing Test Suites chapter.
+ </item>
+ <item>"I need data files for my tests. Where do I store them preferrably?"
+ You should read about
+ <seealso marker="write_test_chapter#data_priv_dir">Data and Private
+ Directories</seealso> for information about this.
+ </item>
+ <item>"May I start with a test suite example, please?"
+ <seealso marker="example_chapter#top">Sure!</seealso>
+ </item>
+ </list>
+ <p>You will probably want to get started on your own first test suites now, while
+ at the same time digging deeper into the Common Test User's Guide and Reference Manual.
+ You will find that there's lots more to learn about the things that have been introduced
+ in this chapter. You will of course also be presented many more useful features, such as the
+ ones listed above. Have fun!
+ </p>

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