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* pan/process_info_spec_doc/r15/OTP-10584:
  Correct doc of process_info(Pid,links)

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@@ -3998,10 +3998,10 @@ os_prompt% </pre>
the initial function call with which the process was
- <tag><c>{links, Pids}</c></tag>
+ <tag><c>{links, PidsAndPorts}</c></tag>
- <p><c>Pids</c> is a list of pids, with processes to
- which the process has a link.</p>
+ <p><c>PidsAndPorts</c> is a list of pids and port identifiers, with
+ processes or ports to which the process has a link.</p>
<tag><c>{last_calls, false|Calls}</c></tag>

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