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Clean up Install Erlang on OSX

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@@ -708,42 +708,46 @@ the best possible performance, do like this:
Install Xcode from the AppStore if it is not already installed.
-For Xcode 4.3 you will also need to download "Command Line Tools"
-via the Downloads preference pane i Xcode.
+If you have Xcode 4.3, or later, you will also need to download
+"Command Line Tools" via the Downloads preference pane in Xcode.
Some tools may still be lacking or out-of-date, we recommend using
[Homebrew]( or
-Macports update those tools.
+Macports to update those tools.
Install MacPorts (<>). Then:
$ sudo port selfupdate
$ sudo port install gcc45 +universal
-If you want to build the `wx` application, get wxMac-2.8.12
+### Building with wxErlang ###
+If you want to build the `wx` application, you will need to get wxMac-2.8.12
(`wxMac-2.8.12.tar.gz` from
-<>) and build:
+<>) and install it.
-Export the path for MacOSX10.6.sdk,
+Export the path for MacOSX10.6.sdk:
$ export SDK=/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.6.sdk
In Xcode 4.3 the path has changed so use the following instead,
$ export SDK=/Applications/
-Then configure and build wx,
+Then configure and build wxMac:
$ arch_flags="-arch i386" ./configure CFLAGS="$arch_flags" CXXFLAGS="$arch_flags" CPPFLAGS="$arch_flags" LDFLAGS="$arch_flags" OBJCFLAGS="$arch_flags" OBJCXXFLAGS="$arch_flags" --prefix=/usr/local --with-macosx-sdk="$SDK" --with-macosx-version-min=10.6 --enable-unicode --with-opengl --disable-shared
$ make
$ sudo make install
-To link wx properly we will also need to build and install `wxStyledTextCtrl`
+To link wx properly you will also need to build and install `wxStyledTextCtrl`:
$ cd contrib/src/stc
$ make
$ sudo make install
+### Finish up ###
Build Erlang with the MacPorts GCC as the main compiler (using `clang`
for the Objective-C Cocoa code in the `wx` application):

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