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@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ Some hints that may get you started faster
-The complete Erlang language is described in the
+The Erlang language is described in the
<a href="reference_manual/users_guide.html">Erlang Reference Manual</a>.
An Erlang tutorial can be found in
<a href="getting_started/users_guide.html">
@@ -108,6 +108,7 @@ In addition to the documentation here Erlang is described in several recent book
<a href="">"Programming Erlang"</a> from Pragmatic.
+<a href="">"Erlang and OTP in Action"</a> from Manning.
@@ -143,16 +144,14 @@ environment. ErlIDE is under active development with new features in almost ever
from the interactive shell (see <a href="getting_started/users_guide.html">
Getting Started With Erlang</a>) where you can call individual
functions. There is also a number of tools available, such as the graphical <a
-href="#debugger#/index.html" >Debugger</a>, the process
-manager <a href="#pman#/index.html" >Pman</a> and table
-viewer <a href="#tv#/index.html">TV</a>.
+href="#debugger#/index.html" >Debugger</a> and the <a href="#observer#/index.html" >Observer tool</a> for inspection of system information, ets and mnesia tables etc.
<p> Also note that there are some shell features like history list
(control-p and control-n), in line editing (Emacs key bindings) and
module and function name completion (tab) if the module is loaded.
<li>OpenSource users can ask questions
-and share experiences on the <a href="">
+and share experiences on the <a href="">
Erlang questions mailing list</a>. <p>
<li>Before asking a question you can browse the <a

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