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thus constitutes one section in this document. The title of each
section is the version number of Megaco.</p>
+ <section><title>Megaco 3.14</title>
+ <section><title>Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions</title>
+ <list>
+ <item>
+ <p>
+ Fixed some Dialyzer detected problems.</p>
+ <p>
+ Own Id: OTP-8317</p>
+ </item>
+ <item>
+ <p>
+ Callbacks, when the callback module is unknown
+ (undefined), results in warning messages. A raise
+ condition scenario. As part of a cancelation operation,
+ replies with waiting acknowledgements is cancelled. This
+ includes informing the user (via a call to the
+ handle_trans_ack callback function). It is possible that
+ at this point the connection data has been removed, which
+ causes makes it impossible for megaco to perform this
+ operation, resulting in the warning message. The solution
+ is to also store the callback module with the other reply
+ information, to be used when cleaning up after a
+ cancelation.</p>
+ <p>
+ Own Id: OTP-8328 Aux Id: seq11384 </p>
+ </item>
+ </list>
+ </section>
+ <section><title>Improvements and New Features</title>
+ <list>
+ <item>
+ <p>Cross compilation improvements and other build system
+ improvements.</p>
+ <p>Most notable:</p> <list><item> Lots of cross
+ compilation improvements. The old cross compilation
+ support was more or less non-existing as well as broken.
+ Please, note that the cross compilation support should
+ still be considered as experimental. Also note that old
+ cross compilation configurations cannot be used without
+ modifications. For more information on cross compiling
+ Erlang/OTP see the <c>$ERL_TOP/</c> file.
+ </item><item> Support for staged install using <url
+ href="">DESTDIR</url>.
+ The old broken <c>INSTALL_PREFIX</c> has also been fixed.
+ For more information see the <c>$ERL_TOP/</c>
+ file. </item><item> Documentation of the <c>release</c>
+ target of the top <c>Makefile</c>. For more information
+ see the <c>$ERL_TOP/</c> file. </item><item>
+ <c>make install</c> now by default creates relative
+ symbolic links instead of absolute ones. For more
+ information see the <c>$ERL_TOP/</c> file.
+ </item><item> <c>$ERL_TOP/configure --help=recursive</c>
+ now works and prints help for all applications with
+ <c>configure</c> scripts. </item><item> Doing <c>make
+ install</c>, or <c>make release</c> directly after
+ <c>make all</c> no longer triggers miscellaneous
+ rebuilds. </item><item> Existing bootstrap system is now
+ used when doing <c>make install</c>, or <c>make
+ release</c> without a preceding <c>make all</c>.
+ </item><item> The <c>crypto</c> and <c>ssl</c>
+ applications use the same runtime library path when
+ dynamically linking against <c></c> and
+ <c></c>. The runtime library search path has
+ also been extended. </item><item> The <c>configure</c>
+ scripts of <c>erl_interface</c> and <c>odbc</c> now
+ search for thread libraries and thread library quirks the
+ same way as <c>erts</c> do. </item><item> The
+ <c>configure</c> script of the <c>odbc</c> application
+ now also looks for odbc libraries in <c>lib64</c> and
+ <c>lib/64</c> directories when building on a 64-bit
+ system. </item><item> The <c></c> file in the
+ <c>erl_interface</c> application is now automatically
+ generated in instead of statically updated which reduces
+ the risk of <c>configure</c> tests without any effect.
+ </item></list>
+ <p>(Thanks to Henrik Riomar for suggestions and
+ testing)</p>
+ <p>(Thanks to Winston Smith for the AVR32-Linux cross
+ configuration and testing)</p>
+ <p>
+ <p>
+ Own Id: OTP-8323</p>
+ </item>
+ <item>
+ <p>
+ Added a help target in the test Makefile to explain the
+ most useful make targets, used when testing the
+ application using the test-server provided with megaco</p>
+ <p>
+ Own Id: OTP-8362</p>
+ </item>
+ <item>
+ <p>
+ Adapted megaco_filter to the new internal format.</p>
+ <p>
+ Own Id: OTP-8403</p>
+ </item>
+ </list>
+ </section>
+ </section>
<title>Megaco 3.13.1</title>

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