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Merge branch 'mh/supervisor-doc/OTP-10938' into maint

* mh/supervisor-doc/OTP-10938:
  Delete obsolete note about simple-one-for-one supervisor
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commit e5df75bfc94662ffe9c36e0b1643cef0104586e0 2 parents 56207da + 74110b5
@gustehn gustehn authored
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  1. +0 −6 lib/stdlib/doc/src/supervisor.xml
6 lib/stdlib/doc/src/supervisor.xml
@@ -177,12 +177,6 @@ child_spec() = {Id,StartFunc,Restart,Shutdown,Type,Modules}
child process, it must be implemented in a safe way and its cleanup
procedure must always return.</p>
- <p><em>Important note on simple-one-for-one supervisors:</em>
- The dynamically created child processes of a
- simple-one-for-one supervisor are not explicitly killed,
- regardless of shutdown strategy, but are expected to terminate
- when the supervisor does (that is, when an exit signal from
- the parent process is received).</p>
<p>Note that all child processes implemented using the standard
OTP behavior modules automatically adhere to the shutdown
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