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@@ -28,10 +28,13 @@ Here are the [instructions for submitting patches] [2].
In short:
* We prefer to receive proposed updates via email on the
- [`erlang-patches`] [3] mailing list rather than through a pull request.
- Pull requests are not practical because we have a strict policy never to
- merge any untested changes to the development branch (the only exception
- being **obviously** correct changes, such as corrections of typos).
+ [`erlang-patches`] [3] mailing list or through a pull request.
+* Pull requests will be handled once everyday and there will be
+ essential testing before we will take a decision on the outcome
+ of the request. If the essential testings fails, the pull request
+ will be closed and you will have to fix the problem and submit another
+ pull request when this is done.
* We merge all proposed updates to the `pu` (*proposed updates*) branch,
typically within one working day.

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