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Commits on Nov 22, 2011
  1. @bjorng @psyeugenic
Commits on Nov 19, 2011
  1. @dgud

    Merge branch 'dgud/observer/gui/OTP-4779'

    * dgud/observer/gui/OTP-4779:
      [observer] Implemented basic tracing functionality
      [observer] Work around wxWidgets windows bug
      [observer] Rework tracing part of the gui
      [observer] Fix portability bugs
      [observer] Improve process_info window
      [observer] Misc cleanup and fixes
      [observer] Clean up code
      [observer] Add a [d]ets viewer, tv replacement
      [observer] Started on a wx gui
    dgud committed Nov 19, 2011
Commits on Nov 18, 2011
  1. @bufflig

    Merge branch 'pan/osx_gcc_fixes'

    * pan/osx_gcc_fixes:
      Fix typo in erts/
      Make OTP build w/alternative gcc on MacOS Lion
    bufflig committed Nov 18, 2011
  2. @bufflig

    Merge branch 'pan/binary_match_scope/OTP-9701'

    * pan/binary_match_scope/OTP-9701:
      Remove remaining gcc 4.6 assigned-but-not-used warnings from erts
      Remove GCC 4.6 set-but-not-used warning from erl_bif_binary
      Make binary:match with scope return correct values
    bufflig committed Nov 18, 2011
  3. @sverker

    Merge branch 'sverk/hipe-without-fpe/OTP-9724'

    * sverk/hipe-without-fpe/OTP-9724:
      otp_build: Disable FPE by default on Linux
      stdlib: Make sure qlc_SUITE:otp_6964 restores backtrace_depth
      erts: Add test for inf/NaN intermediate float results
      hipe,erts: Allow hipe without floating point exceptions
      hipe: Fix bug in hipe_rtl_lcm:calc_killed_expr_bb
      erts: Rename macros used by float instructions without FPE
    sverker committed Nov 18, 2011
  4. @proxyles

    Merge branch 'sa/dialyzer-behaviours'

    * sa/dialyzer-behaviours:
      Wrap up behaviours patch for Dialyzer
      Detection of callback-spec discrepancies
      Allow none() as return value in callbacks
      Behaviour callback discrepancy detection for Dialyzer
      Add lookup function for callbacks
      Store callbacks in codeserver and PLT
      Collect callback definitions during compilation
      Update inets results
    proxyles committed Nov 18, 2011
  5. @dgud

    [observer] Implemented basic tracing functionality

    Use ttb which does most of the work already.
    dgud committed Nov 18, 2011
  6. @IngelaAndin

    Merge branch 'ia/public_key/ssl/git-ignore'

    * ia/public_key/ssl/git-ignore:
      Updated public_key and ssl ignores
    IngelaAndin committed Nov 18, 2011
  7. @psyeugenic

    Merge branch 'lukas/common_test/make_cth_non_alpha/OTP-9449'

    * lukas/common_test/make_cth_non_alpha/OTP-9449:
      Remove alpha notice since CTH are now final
    psyeugenic committed Nov 18, 2011
  8. @pekadan

    Merge branch 'peppe/common_test/css_and_xhtml'

    * peppe/common_test/css_and_xhtml:
      Make absolute paths in log files relative
      Fix bad error printout
      Copy default CSS file to log directory before test run
      Add CSS stylesheet for the text and tables in Common Test and Test Server
    pekadan committed Nov 18, 2011
  9. @lthor

    Merge branch 'lars/orber/remove-seed-in-testcases/OTP-9728'

    * lars/orber/remove-seed-in-testcases/OTP-9728:
      [orber] Remove usage of ssl:seed/1
    lthor committed Nov 18, 2011
  10. @aronisstav

    Wrap up behaviours patch for Dialyzer

    Enable warnings by default, add two options for suppressing them,
    fix warning formatting and update testsuites.
    aronisstav committed Nov 14, 2011
  11. @aronisstav
  12. @aronisstav
  13. @aronisstav
  14. @lthor
  15. @pekadan
  16. @sirihansen

    Merge branch 'siri/sasl/upgrade-erts/OTP-9438'

    * siri/sasl/upgrade-erts/OTP-9438:
      Fix bug in erts upgrade on windows
      Add release vsn info to erts_vsn_changed warning
      Check for sasl application in systools:make_script and make_relup
      Add syntax check of relup to check_install_release and install_release
      Add documentation for upgrade from pre R15 to post R15 sasl
      Handle upgrade from pre R15 to post R15 sasl
      Step version of sasl to 2.2 for R15
      Document upgrade instructions restart_new_emulator and restart_emulator
      Wait for two restarts in upgrade_restart test
      Add restart_new_emulator instruction to kernel, stdlib and sasl appups
      Distinguish restart_new_emulator from restart_emulator in upgrade instructions
      Upgrade erts: merge sys.config for tmp release instead of using old
      Allow regexp for version in .appup
      Restart emulator before running upgrade script when erts is upgraded
    sirihansen committed Nov 18, 2011
  17. @aronisstav
  18. @aronisstav
  19. @aronisstav
  20. @aronisstav

    Update inets results

    aronisstav committed Nov 10, 2011
  21. @lthor

    Merge branch 'lars/remove-docbuilder/OTP-9721'

    * lars/remove-docbuilder/OTP-9721:
      [erl_docgen] Add an application ref page
      [erl_docgen] Added the info file.
      [erl_docgen] Tidy up the documentation moved from docbuilder to erl_docgen
      [erl_docgen] Add missing xhtml-special.ent and xhtml-symbol.ent
      Remove docbuilder application
      [erl_docgen] Update references to modules that changed name
      [erl_docgen] Move files from docbuilder to erl_docgen
    lthor committed Nov 18, 2011
  22. @lthor
  23. @lthor

    [erl_docgen] Added the info file.

    lthor committed Nov 18, 2011
  24. @lthor
  25. @lthor
  26. @lthor

    Remove docbuilder application

    lthor committed Nov 16, 2011
  27. @lthor
  28. @lthor
  29. @lthor

    Merge branch 'lars/erl_docgen/eix-file-syntax-bug/OTP-9617'

    * lars/erl_docgen/eix-file-syntax-bug/OTP-9617:
      Fix syntax bug in generated eix files
    lthor committed Nov 18, 2011
  30. @lthor
  31. @RaimoNiskanen
  32. @dgud

    [observer] Work around wxWidgets windows bug

    wxCheckListBox:setClientData crashes on windows
    dgud committed Nov 18, 2011
  33. @proxyles

    Merge branch 'pr/mnesia_frag_hash'

    * pr/mnesia_frag_hash:
      add mnesia_frag_hash test
      Reduce calls to phash in key_to_frag_number
    proxyles committed Nov 18, 2011
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