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Feb 24, 2014

  1. Lukas Larsson

    Merge branch 'lukas/ose/master/OTP-11334'

    * lukas/ose/master/OTP-11334: (71 commits)
      erts: Fix unix efile assert
      ose: Use -O2 when building
      ose: Expand OSE docs
      ose: Add dummy ttsl driver
      ose: Cleanup cleanup of mutex selection defines
      ose: Polish mmap configure checks
      ose: Add ose specific x-compile flags
      ose: Updating fd_driver and spawn_driver for OSE
      ose: Updating event and signal API for OSE
      ose: Cleanup of mutex selection defines
      win32: Compile erl_log.exe
      ose: Remove uneccesary define
      ose: Fix ssl configure test for osx
      erts: Fix sys_msg_dispatcher assert
      ose: Fix broken doc links
      ose: Thread priorities configurable from lmconf
      ose: Yielding the cpu is done "the OSE" way
      ose: Start using ppdata for tse key
      ose: Do not use spinlocks on OSE
      ose: Fix support for crypto
    garazdawi authored
  2. Lukas Larsson

    Added support for ENEA OSE

    This port has support for both non-smp and smp.
    It contains a new way to do io checking in which erts_poll_wait
    receives the payload of the polled entity. This has implications
    for all linked-in drivers.
    garazdawi authored

Sep 02, 2013

  1. Lukas Larsson

    Add configure option --without-$app

    This is used to skip the specified app when building and releasing
    garazdawi authored

Jul 19, 2012

  1. Lukas Larsson

    Add DTRACE and SYSTEMTAP howtos as User Guide

    garazdawi authored
  2. Lukas Larsson

    Move README and INSTALL to HOWTO folder

    garazdawi authored

May 30, 2012

  1. Lukas Larsson

    Ignore common_test bootstrap

    garazdawi authored
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