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Commits on Jan 29, 2011
  1. @pguyot

    Fix several bugs related to hibernate/3 and HiPE

    pguyot authored
    This commit fixes four related bugs:
    - calling hibernate/3 using a dynamic call would fail with badarg
    as hibernate/3 as a BIF was not implemented. hibernate/3 is generally
    provided as a Beam instruction, and code is translated to use this
    instruction when loaded.
    - calling hibernate/3 from HiPE would fail with badarg because this
    would call the aforementioned BIF which was not implemented.
    - calling hibernate/3 with some HiPE-native garbage in the process heap
    would randomly crash at the next garbage collect. This bug only
    happened in a complex, yet reproduceable scenarios, where native code
    calls beam code that calls hibernate/3, and the process has some
    garbage when being hibernated and the process generates garbage when
    - when entering HiPE, the process current_function can be set and be
    The fix is three folded:
    - hibernate_3 BIF now actually works instead of throwing a badarg. While
    hibernate_3 BIF was (usually) not called from BEAM, it is called from
    HiPE. hibernate behaviour is very close to the scheduler and this is why
    it is implemented as an instruction in BEAM. The fix consists in doing
    the actual hibernation (through the now exported erts_hibernate
    function) and setting the process flag to TRAP as well as the process
    status to P_WAITING. On BIF epilogue in both BEAM and HiPE, this status
    is tested on TRAP and if set, the scheduler is invoked. The i_hibernate
    instruction and translation code is now redundant and could be deleted.
    - hibernation now also empties the HiPE native stack, with a new
    function hipe_empty_nstack provided by Mikael Pettersson.
    - when entering HiPE through hipe_mode_switch, p->current is cleared,
    as suggested by Mikael Pettersson. p->current normally hold a pointer to
    the {M,F,A} of the current function if it exists. When hibernating, it
    is set to {erlang,hibernate,3}, and all stdlib hibernate tests
    (gen_server_SUITE:hibernate/1, proc_lib_suite:hibernate/1, etc.)
    actually rely on this information. Clearing p->current fixes the tests
    and avoids the surprise one might have when querying the process info
    of a process that hibernated and woke up in a native function.
    Non-regression tests are provided, a test for the dynamic call as well
    as a Makefile-handled duplication of the hibernate_SUITE into
    hibernate_native_SUITE for the HiPE case.
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