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Commits on Jun 24, 2015
  1. @psyeugenic

    erts: Remove halfword heap relative comparisions

    psyeugenic authored
     * Removed cmp_rel, cmp_rel_term and eq_rel
  2. @psyeugenic

    erts: Remove halfword pointer compression

    psyeugenic authored
  3. @psyeugenic
  4. @psyeugenic
  5. @psyeugenic
  6. @psyeugenic
  7. @psyeugenic
  8. @psyeugenic
  9. @proxyles

    Update OTP Version

    proxyles authored
Commits on Jun 23, 2015
  1. Updated OTP version

    Erlang/OTP authored
  2. Prepare release

    Erlang/OTP authored
  3. @IngelaAndin

    Merge branch 'ia/ssl/modern-timetrap'

    IngelaAndin authored
    * ia/ssl/modern-timetrap:
      ssl: Make init functions fail if make_certs:all fails
      ssl: Avoid sleep
      ssl: modernize timetrap handling
Commits on Jun 22, 2015
  1. @sverker
  2. @rickard-green

    Merge branch 'rickard/debug-fix/OTP-12650'

    rickard-green authored
    * rickard/debug-fix/OTP-12650:
      Fix node/dist refc count
  3. @rickard-green

    Fix node/dist refc count

    rickard-green authored
  4. @sverker

    erts: Expand test map_SUITE:t_bif_merge_and_check

    sverker authored
    with merge of randomized maps.
  5. @IngelaAndin
  6. @rickard-green

    Merge branch 'vinoski/driver-doc-fix/OTP-12855'

    rickard-green authored
    * vinoski/driver-doc-fix/OTP-12855:
      Fix documentation of ERL_DRV_ERROR_ERRNO
  7. @IngelaAndin

    ssl: Avoid sleep

    IngelaAndin authored
    When possible avoid sleep in test cases.
  8. @IngelaAndin

    ssl: modernize timetrap handling

    IngelaAndin authored
    Watchdog is legacy test_server use only ct:timetrap/1
  9. @vinoski @rickard-green

    Fix documentation of ERL_DRV_ERROR_ERRNO

    vinoski authored rickard-green committed
  10. @bruce-yinhe

    Merge branch 'bruce/change-license'

    bruce-yinhe authored
    * bruce/change-license:
      fix errors caused by changed line numbers
      Change license text to APLv2
  11. @sverker

    Merge branch 'sverk/nosmp-init-timer-wheel'

    sverker authored
    * sverk/nosmp-init-timer-wheel:
      erts: Fix timer wheel initialization bug for non smp
  12. @psyeugenic

    Merge branch 'egil/fix-erl_poll-darwin'

    psyeugenic authored
    * egil/fix-erl_poll-darwin:
      erts: Fix erl_poll on darwin
  13. @proxyles

    Merge branch 'kostis/hipe-no-dial-warnings'

    proxyles authored
    * kostis/hipe-no-dial-warnings:
      Eliminate a dialyzer warning
      Simplify handling of o2 and o3 option expansion
  14. @bruce-yinhe
  15. Merge branch 'hb/dialyzer/fix_opaque_types/OTP-12493'

    Hans Bolinder authored
    * hb/dialyzer/fix_opaque_types/OTP-12493:
      dialyzer: Correction of last commit
  16. dialyzer: Correction of last commit

    Hans Bolinder authored
Commits on Jun 21, 2015
  1. Merge branch 'anders/diameter/18/OTP-12588'

    Anders Svensson authored
    * anders/diameter/18/OTP-12588:
      vsn -> 1.10
      Remove dead upgrade-related code
      Update appup for 18
      Fix release note typo
      Fix comment typo
  2. Merge branch 'anders/diameter/sctp/OTP-12768'

    Anders Svensson authored
    * anders/diameter/sctp/OTP-12768:
      Fix connection timeouts in test transports
      Fix start order of alternate transports
      Log discarded answers
      Ensure accepting processes are first in, first out
      Remove upgrade-related code
      Be less parallel in traffic suite
      Increase send/receive buffers for testsuite SCTP listeners
      Decrease unnecessarily long testsuite timetraps
      Simplify accepting transport start
      Simplify peeloff signaling
      Simplify socket close at terminate
      Don't monitor listener after peeloff
      Don't receive initial messages out of order
      Remove assumption that SCTP association ids will be unique
  3. Merge branch 'anders/diameter/grouped_errors/OTP-12721'

    Anders Svensson authored
    * anders/diameter/grouped_errors/OTP-12721:
      Fix decode of Grouped AVPs containing errors
      Simplify logic
      Simplify logic
  4. Fix connection timeouts in test transports

    Anders Svensson authored
    Without a timeout, TCP/SCTP connect can take some time to fail, which
    resulted in failures in the pool suite after the parent commit fixed the
    previously faulty sctp-first-then-tcp connect.
  5. Fix start order of alternate transports

    Anders Svensson authored
    A transport configured with diameter:add_transport/2 can be passed
    multiple transport_module/transport_config tuples in order to specify
    alternate configuration, modules being attempted in order until one
    succeeds. This is primarily for the connecting case, to allow a
    transport to be configured to first attempt connection over SCTP, and
    then TCP in case SCTP fails, with configuration like that documented:
      {transport_module, diameter_sctp},
      {transport_config, [...], 5000},
      {transport_module, diameter_tcp},
      {transport_config, [...]}
    If the options are the same in both cases, another possibility would be
    configuration like this, which attaches the same transport_config to
    both modules:
      {transport_module, diameter_sctp},
      {transport_module, diameter_tcp},
      {transport_config, [...], 5000},
    However, in this case the start order was reversed relative to the
    documented order: first tcp, then sctp. This commit restores the
    intended order.
Commits on Jun 20, 2015
  1. vsn -> 1.10

    Anders Svensson authored
  2. Remove dead upgrade-related code

    Anders Svensson authored
    Not needed with the parent commit's restart_application.
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