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Commits on Jul 25, 2012
Bernard Duggan Add extended_errors option to ODBC
This patch adds the extended_errors option to odbc:connect/2. When
enabled, this option alters the return code of ODBC operations that
produce errors to include the ODBC error code as well as the native
error code, in addition to the ODBC reason field which is returned by
default. The extended error information can be used to produce more
sophisticated error handling than is possible with the standard ODBC
Reason alone.
Commits on Aug 09, 2012
@fdmanana fdmanana Added file:allocate/2
This function allows preallocation of space for files.
It succeeds only on systems (OS/filesystem) that implement this feature.
After a successful call, the actual file size might remain unchanged. This
behaviour depends on the actual file space preallocation implementation.
To guarantee the file size is updated, if desired, one needs to truncate
the file to the new length.

On GNU/Linux this function calls the Linux specific system call fallocate.
On Mac OS X it calls the fcntl F_PREALLOCATE operation.
On other Unix systems it calls the system call posix_fallocate if available.
On systems that do not implement this feature the error {error, enosys} is
@fdmanana fdmanana Fix build on Solaris
The _XOPEN_SOURCE, required to use posix_fallocate on most Unix flavours,
must not be defined when compiling under Solaris, otherwise we get a
compilation error.
@fdmanana fdmanana Fixes to file:allocate/2 and respective tests
As requested by the OTP team.
@fdmanana fdmanana Added missing surrounding if statement 5fe9b4f
@garazdawi garazdawi Update preloaded modules 13aaa57
Commits on Sep 05, 2012
@tuncer tuncer Fix various comment typos for R16 2eef760
@tuncer tuncer Fix various typos in HOWTO/ for R16 56996a4
Commits on Sep 29, 2012
@danielwhite danielwhite crypto: Document all types currently available for hmac_init a018014
@danielwhite danielwhite crypto: Provide a generic interface for HMAC generation b11770c
@danielwhite danielwhite crypto: Add RFC-2202 test vectors for HMAC-MD5 and HMAC-SHA1 0bd3f31
@danielwhite danielwhite crypto: Add test cases for the generic hmac interface in the RFC-4231…
… tests
@danielwhite danielwhite crypto: Add RFC-4231 test vectors for output truncation 545698d
Commits on Oct 12, 2012
@saleyn saleyn Fixed printout of application crash message on startup.
This is what a sample crash message looks like before applying patch:

    Kernel pid terminated (application_controller)

This is what a sample crash message looks like after applying patch:

    Kernel pid terminated (application_controller)
Commits on Oct 16, 2012
@saleyn saleyn Enhance pretty printer to print text binaries as <<"...">> text.
Given an abstract syntax form of a binary, such as:

1> Form = erl_syntax:form_list(element(2, erl_parse:parse_exprs(
   element(2, erl_scan:string(

Before applying the patch the output of erl_prettypr:format/1 looks like this:

2> erl_prettypr:format(Form).
"<<84, 104, 105, 115, 32, 105, 115, 32, 97, 32, 98, 105,\n  110, 97, 114, 121, 10>>"

After applying the patch the output looks like this:

3> erl_prettypr:format(Form).
"<<\"This is a binary\\n\">>"

The human-readable printing occurs only if erl_prettypr finds out that
the binary represents a printable list.
Commits on Oct 23, 2012
@fdmanana fdmanana Use share flags for all file operations on Windows
Some file operations provided by the Erlang file module
didn't open the target file with all the file share flags.
This made some concurrent file operations against the
same file fail on Windows, while on other platforms such
as GNU/Linux or Mac OS X they succeed.

For example, one Erlang process does a file:delete/1 call
while another Erlang process is doing a filelib:file_size/1
call. This made the former process get an eacces error from
the file:delete/1 call. On GNU/Linux or Mac OS X the
file:delete/1 call would succeed.
Commits on Oct 30, 2012
@lucafavatella lucafavatella Remove runtime warning in snmpa_agent because of tuple fun usage 588b986
@lucafavatella lucafavatella Polish return values of snmpm_user_default according to snmpm_user doc
Even if not compliant with snmpm_user's doc, the previous return
values in snmpm_user_default were harmless because of how the
callbacks handle_trap and handle_report are called in snmpm_server.
Commits on Oct 31, 2012
@brb brb Add odbc:auto_commit/2,3
New API call allows to change auto_commit mode after connection is
established. Might be useful with Oracle DB due to buggy unixodbc-oracle
Commits on Nov 03, 2012
@nox nox Document compiler option 'inline_list_funcs' d790aef
Commits on Nov 05, 2012
@nox nox Make inlined list functions fail with function_clause
The function_clause errors produced by inline_list_funcs should properly
be annotated with their function names to avoid kernel_v3 making them
into case_clauses errors. See v3_kernel:translate_match_fail_1/4.
@nox nox Properly guard against badly-typed arguments when inlining
The inlining code for inline_list_funcs silenced the function_clause
error that should occur when calling lists:map(3.5, []).
@nox nox Raise a function_clause error with the right arguments when inlining
The inlined lists functions raised an error with only the list instead
of all their given arguments.
Commits on Nov 13, 2012
@nox nox Create a new "file" token attribute in erl_scan
Used to properly zip file and line information in erl_lint without
breaking the attributes() type.
@nox nox Handle column numbers in erl_scan test suite ae0b3ad
@nox nox Create a new "end" option in erl_scan
If set, erl_scan tracks and returns end locations of each scanned token
in their attributes as `{'end', {EndLine, EndCol}}`.
@nox nox Handle end locations in erl_scan test suite 146f63c
Commits on Nov 15, 2012
Jan Daniel Bothma add documentation of the 'ram' mode in the 'file' module 2efd04e
Commits on Nov 22, 2012
@aleksandr-vin aleksandr-vin Fix deep list argument error under Windows in os:cmd/1
Because of leeway in implementing os:cmd/1 under different OS there is
a difference in results when calling it with deep list
argument. os:cmd/1 specifies io_lib:chars() type for its argument and
io_lib functions can produce deep lists inspite of io_lib:chars()
result type specification. This commit flattens the argument for
erlang:open_port/2 (which is used under Windows) and expands the
os_SUITE to regress the bug.
@aleksandr-vin aleksandr-vin Remove unnecessary whitespaces in os.erl and os_SUITE.erl

Commits on Nov 26, 2012
@franko-franicevich franko-franicevich Added test case for new odbc option 'extended_errors'
Test case is in odbc 'connect' suite; and just tries force an error
with the extended errors flag both on and off; validating the return
@tuncer tuncer If GCC is used, treat -Wreturn-type as error 7577503
@vladdu vladdu add code:get_mode() to detect how the code server behaves
Some applications (like IDEs) have code to be loaded dynamically on a
node. It may be slow to load everything upfront every time, so if the
node is in interactive mode, we would like to just append to the load
path. This provides a way to detect if the node is running
in embedded mode or not.
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'ta/docsmaster' into master-pu 36d6b72
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'bd/odbc_extended_errors' into master-pu 4e9ce80
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'fm/posix-fallocate' into master-pu
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'dg/win_icon' into master-pu 83bcbdd
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'dw/crypto-hmac-enhancements' into master-pu eabe387
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'jwh/mnesia_interval_removal' into master-pu 28450f9
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'vd/code_get_mode' into master-pu aa35c30
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'ao/fix_mnesia_overload_msg_format' into master-pu 7b9b1d9
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'sal/ftp' into master-pu d589c58
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'sal/app_controller' into master-pu 23aa775
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'sal/erl_prettypr' into master-pu 24cd334
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'fdm/windows_file_share_delete' into master-pu bc3fa24
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'tja/exported-function-face' into master-pu e73550d
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'mpu/odbc_autocommit' into master-pu f84f874
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'lf/snmp-fix-typo' into master-pu 1f7b800
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'lf/snmp-tuple-fun' into master-pu 10e8829
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'lf/snmpm_user_default' into master-pu 21107f2
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'hm/debugger_settings_dialog' into master-pu 5b0d648
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'nox/promote-inline_list_funcs' into master-pu 0db57bb
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'nox/scan-end-locations' into master-pu 734968f
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'jd/file-ram-opt-doc' into master-pu 4a17888
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'avi/fix-os-cmd-win' into master-pu 790254b
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'pn/ansi-console' into master-pu c111287
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'pgö/tv-refresh-crash' into master-pu 500899a
@proxyles proxyles Merge branch 'ta/werror-return-type' into master-pu 51cfab1
@proxyles proxyles Update preloaded modules 3347ab1