Fix epcre heap overflow in repeat_max bounds checking. #1111

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zv commented Jun 21, 2016

Erlang's PCRE library is prone to a heap overflow vulnerability. Due to insufficient
bounds checking inside compile_branch(), the heap memory could be overflowed
via a crafted regular expression.

The patch for this bug is a riff off a related bug in PCRE, although this patch covers additional errors also found while while subjecting ERTS to the full KLEE symbolic execution treatment.

@zv zv changed the title from Pcre repeatmax bug to Fix epcre heap overflow in repeat_max bounds checking. Jun 21, 2016

The summary line of the commit message is too long and/or ends with a "."
Make sure the whole message follows the guidelines here:

Bad message: Fix bugs caused by (?!) as a condition (which is converted to OP_FAIL)

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PR put in waiting for patch to comply with same format as mentioned in #1107

@garazdawi garazdawi added the waiting label Jun 30, 2016
zv commented Jun 30, 2016

@garazdawi The commit line format?


@zv apparently I wasn't clear in what I wrote in #1107. In order to accept these patches to pcre we need you to change the pull requests so that they look like 6138bb6#diff-59347161e18d98230b255e855ff51f84.

@garazdawi garazdawi was assigned by psyeugenic Aug 1, 2016

Closing this due to inactivity, please open a new PR when/if you decide to get back to it.

@garazdawi garazdawi closed this Aug 8, 2016
okeuday commented Aug 8, 2016

@garazdawi Is there any bug or issue filed so that PCRE can be updated independently, through a NIF or some other route? I ask because this seems like a problem with maintaining a very old version of PCRE that has forked from the main development and prevents Erlang/OTP from benefiting from fixes, or is this situation by design, better the bug you know than the bug you don't know?


@okeuday There are two larger problems with not using our own pcre. First of all it is not yielding, so it would have to execute in a separate thread with the overhead associated with that. Secondly I cannot find any modern windows pcre dll that we can use, so that needs to be solved somehow.

I don't know what the best route to take with this is. There is as of right now no planned work to make any changes in this area.

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