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gustehn commented Sep 15, 2013

Patch has passed first testings and has been assigned to be reviewed

gustehn commented Oct 11, 2013

Ok, I've got some feedback from the review for you:
The functionality is ok, but I think that the implementation should rather be an option to make:all/1 and make:files/2 instead of a new function i.e make:all([{emake,Emake}]). Where Emake is the same as the Emake arg to with/[1,2] in the patch. If present, Emake should be used instead of reading Emakefile from disk.
What do you think about that?

Also, it needs documentation and test, of course!

And I would like a better commit message which describes more exactly what the new functionality is.


Okay thats easy enough to change code wise. I will have to look into how the docs are generated, and how your testcases are laid out. We dont really do either very well at the company I am working at :) so I have never had exposure to the otp way of doing things.

Might not be able to get to this this weekend.

nox commented Mar 16, 2014

@expelledboy The documentation is in lib/tools/doc/src/make.xml and tests are in lib/tools/test/make_SUITE.erl.


closed due to inactivity, please re-open if you ever get around to completing this pr.

@garazdawi garazdawi closed this Aug 14, 2014
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