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This branch is 1618 commits ahead of maint

Merge branch 'sverk/hipe_match_wbin/OTP-12667'

* sverk/hipe_match_wbin/OTP-12667:
  erts: Add debug assertions for match state sanity
  hipe: Add test for matching of writable binary
  erts,hipe: Optimize away calls to emasculate_binary
  erts,hipe: Fix bug in binary matching of writable binary

latest commit d4ad455c16
@sverker sverker authored
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asn1 asn1: Use module erl_anno
common_test Merge branch 'maint'
compiler compiler: Use module erl_anno
cosEvent Update release notes
cosEventDomain Update release notes
cosFileTransfer Update release notes
cosNotification Update release notes
cosProperty Update release notes
cosTime Update release notes
cosTransactions Update release notes
crypto crypto: Fix undefined symbol EVP_CIPHER_CTX_new
debugger debugger: Optimize evaluation of new map creation
dialyzer Merge branch 'egil/strengthen-dialyzer-tests'
diameter Merge branch 'maint'
edoc edoc: Use module erl_anno
eldap Merge tag 'OTP-17.5'
erl_docgen erl_docgen: Use module erl_anno
erl_interface Prepare release
et Update release notes
eunit eunit: Use module erl_anno
gs Update release notes
hipe Merge branch 'sverk/hipe_match_wbin/OTP-12667'
ic Start using os:getenv/2 fun
inets inets: Remove dialyzer warning for inets_lib
jinterface Merge branch 'x0id/jinterface_generic_match'
kernel Merge branch 'bjorn/kernel/code-loading'
megaco Prepare release
mnesia Merge tag 'OTP-17.5'
observer Merge tag 'OTP-17.5'
odbc Prepare release
orber Replaced "Endianess" with "Endianness" everywhere
os_mon Prepare release
ose Prepare release
otp_mibs Prepare release
parsetools parsetools: Use module erl_anno
percept percept: Fix http server config
public_key public_key: Update vsn for OTP 18
reltool Merge branch 'rickard/time_api/OTP-11997'
runtime_tools Merge tag 'OTP-17.5'
sasl Merge branch 'maint'
snmp Merge branch 'maint'
ssh Merge branch 'dotsimon/ssh_sftp_version_negotiation_timeout'
ssl ssl: Add missing tag
stdlib Merge branch 'peppe/jcl_mode_improvements'
syntax_tools syntax_tools: Use module erl_anno
test_server Merge branch 'maint'
tools tools: Use module erl_anno
typer Merge tag 'OTP-17.1'
webtool Declare webtool and test_server as obsolete
wx wx: Add missing data in events
xmerl xmerl: Fix xmerl example motorcycle2html
.gitignore [common_test] Add netconf client, ct_netconfc
Makefile Merge branch 'lukas/ose/master/OTP-11334' Update copyright years
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