EEP light

Björn Gustavsson edited this page Jun 15, 2016 · 3 revisions

If your patch is a new feature, you need to write an EEP Light describing the feature with about 200 - 300 words and include that in a commit message or pull request. You need to include answers to three questions:

Why do we need this new feature?

  • What problem is my feature solving?

Risks or uncertain artifacts?

  • Describe known incompatibilities.

  • Describe uncertainties that are not fully understood or unclear.

How did you solve it?

  • Describe how you implemented the feature and why you choose to implement it the way you did.

More often than not an implementation is straight forward. However, in many instances there is multiple routes to take in an implementation. Here we want to make sure the best implementation was chosen, not the fastest to implement.

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