Extending the history of Erlang OTP

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If you want to be able to view the entire history of Erlang/OTP (starting with R6B-0, the first open-source release of Erlang/OTP), it is possible to extend the history using two simple commands.

Since Matthew Foemmel has kindly collected all open-source releases of Erlang/OTP in a single git repository, we will show how to prepend the history in his repository to the history in the erlang/otp repository.

Make sure that the current working directory is the top-level directory of a clone of the erlang/otp repository.

First fetch the history of Erlang/OTP from mfoemmel’s repository at github. Note that almost 300 MiB will be downloaded, so make sure you have a fast Internet connection or a lot of patience:

git fetch git://github.com/mfoemmel/erlang-otp.git master

To prepend mfoemmel’s history, execute the following command in the shell:

echo "84adefa331c4159d432d22840663c38f155cd4c1 9c6fdd21e4e6573ca6f567053ff3ac454d742bc2" > .git/info/grafts