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Here you find online courses that teach you how to program in Erlang.

  • Functional Programming with Erlang

    This free online course for beginners by University of Kent and will teach you programming in Erlang and the fundamental concepts in functional programming.

  • Erlang Master Classes

    These free online course by University of Kent will show you how Erlang can be used in practice to solve larger problems. It covers different three important aspects of Erlang: functional programming, concurrent programming and larger-scale programming with OTP.

    Part I. Functional Programming, with Simon Thompson

    The first part will look at language processing in general, representing structured data, recursion, evaluation expressions, compiling and running on a virtual machine, parsing and simplification. You are assumed to have fundamental knowledge about Erlang.

    Part II. Concurrent Programming, with Joe Armstrong

    The second part shows you how sequential code - from the expression example – can be made concurrent. You will know more about the patterns of concurrency, how Erlang is built to be fault tolerant, and the “let it fail” philosophy. You will build a generic version of the calculator, serving as a bridge to Part III.

    Part III. OTP Behaviours and Releases, with Francesco Cesarini

    Erlang is a lot more than the language – there is a wide ecosystem of tools. The third part will teach you the key productivity tool, OTP (Open Telecom Platform), which provides generic behaviours such as a generic server and supervision, which enable you to build complex systems quickly and reliably. These systems are packaged as OTP applications and releases. This final master class completes with an overview of these.

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