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rabbitmq_common compilation from source
#1977 opened Dec 13, 2018 by aboroska
Tag 3.7.4 signed with unpublished key
#1956 opened Nov 25, 2018 by xypron
Export PLT
#1931 opened Nov 6, 2018 by Zalastax
error with global plugins
#1926 opened Oct 25, 2018 by benoitc
Umbrella dep precedence bug
#1925 opened Oct 23, 2018 by tsloughter
Support subdirectories for git deps
#1923 opened Oct 20, 2018 by lpil
Possible problem with rebar3 upgrade
#1916 opened Oct 15, 2018 by tothlac
Release flag --verbose has no effect
#1880 opened Sep 11, 2018 by eproxus
clean hooks run twice bug
#1867 opened Sep 1, 2018 by tsloughter
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