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mimetypes is an Erlang library to fetch MIME extension/name mappings.


1> application:start(mimetypes).
2> mimetypes:extension(<<"js">>).
3> mimetypes:extension(<<"mb">>).
4> mimetypes:extension(<<"html">>).
5> mimetypes:extension(<<"m3u8">>).    
6> mimetypes:filename("/a/b.js").
7> mimetypes:extensions(<<"application/mathematica">>).

Additional types

Additional mappings can be loaded at runtime using the mimetypes:load/2 function. If this function is timing out it is possible to increase the timeout using mimetypes:load/3.

1> application:start(mimetypes).
2> mimetypes:load(default, [{<<"ext">>, <<"new/type">>}]).
3> mimetypes:extension(<<"ext">>).
2> mimetypes:load(default, [{<<"ext">>, <<"new/type">>}], 10000).

Additional mappings can also be specified using the application environment variables for the mimetypes application. These can be added to the config file specified using the erl -config flag.

[{mimetypes, [
    %% Wait for all additional types to be loaded before returning from
    %% application:start(mimetypes). Set to false to return immidiately
    %% and load them in the background.
    {load_async, true},
    %% Timeout to use for calls to mimetypes:load/3 while loading additional
    %% mimetypes. The default is the same as for mimetypes:load/2. You may
    %% need to increase this value.
    {load_timeout, 5000},
    {load, [
        {default, [
            {<<"ext">>, <<"new/type">>}